Choosing the right sorceress: Images for this blog

OK, so last post featured a note about a sorceress with tattoos.

No problem there. That seemed a good iconic image to search for.

So I went and did what I always do: hit Google for it. “Sorceress Tattoos images

So, I wind up picking this image of the iconic sorceress for Pathfinder: Seoni.

Here’s the trick, though. Go ahead and follow the link – but not at work.

I almost went with this one.  But, well, a lot of these are pretty much NSFW, and while I can appreciate cheesecake in many respects, I do try and keep this blog something that by and large I don’t have to turn off the screen when my preschool-aged daughter walks up.

This one is not too bad . . .

And seriously: is that dragon flying out of her butt?

Am I being overly prudish? Some of those images are quite nice, and might have fit even better than Seoni. But, on the other hand . . .

I like it when people come to visit. I love it when people make comments. I hope that the images make the posts more fun, alive, occasionally amusing, etc. And I think that eschewing stuff that might either get you sent straight to HR or having a too-early conversation with a young child is the right call. Do I overthink this one?

3 thoughts on “Choosing the right sorceress: Images for this blog

  1. It's really up to you. But I figure, you probably lose more people going NSFW than you gain. None of those pictures seem problematic to me, though.

    Still, there is a S&C blog I read sometimes – but I never, ever go there on my netbook. I use my netbook at work with my students, so I won't go anywhere remotely NSFW just in case. On my home PC, I don't mind.

    So it's a tradeoff. If you put stuff up you aren't sure of, mark it and put it off on a "Read More" cut with a warning.

  2. I work from home and have little ones running about, so NSFW and NSFH are one and the same for me. I enjoy your blog and would appreciate not having NSFW content on it, or having a warning so I can avoid it. But it's your blog. 🙂

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