A digression on the forums about using Sports skills for combat led me to pen the following:

Bat Fu

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The roar of the crowd. Reflexes of lightning. The power of earthbound gods. All of these are part of the legacy of the martial art known as Bat Fu.

Founded by the legendary Kei Si after unsuccessfully competing at a major competition in the town of Ní chéng, it’s practitioners study one weapon, and one weapon only: a balanced club known as the Lùyìsī wéi’ěr bàngqiú.

It is primarily a defensive style in essence. Practitioners begin – always – with a Wait maneuver, and then lash out at the exact moment with crushing force. If caught off guard, parries are Aggressive, and Parry Missile Weapons is a primary skill. Very little thought is given to defense, and most attacks are All-Out or Committed as well as Telegraphic.

Skills: Parry Missile Weapons; Two-Handed Sword Sport; Games (Baseball); Savoir-Faire (Baseball).
Techniques: Aggressive Parry; Feint; Low Fighting (Crouching Only);
Cinematic Skills: Power Blow.
Cinematic Techniques: Hand Catch.Springing Attack; Whirlwind Attack.
Perks: Grip Mastery (Lùyìsī wéi’ěr bàngqiú); Rapid Retraction (Lùyìsī wéi’ěr bàngqiú); Special Exercises (Arm ST +1 to +3); Weapon Bond.

Optional Traits

Advantages: Enhanced Parry; Weapon Master (Lùyìsī wéi’ěr bàngqiú only).
Disadvantages: Odious Personal Habit (Constantly spitting tobacco juice); Overconfidence.

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