Violent Resolution – a new blog series

Over at Castalia House, +Jeffro Johnson has written quite a large number of posts that he’s collected on his blog under the heading Appendix N.

He also threw my way a nod as one of the Top 10 Gaming Blogs of 2014, which shocked the hell out of me, frankly. He likes my interviews, he says.
So when Castalia went looking for new posters to their blog, Jeffro thought of me, and they asked me to contribute.
Hmm. Interesting. I already have a blog. Oh, but I retain copyright? Topics up to me, as long as they appear weekly? No issues with reposting at some point?
OK, I can handle that.
So, I’d like to point out that my first post of an ongoing column is up as of today.

Keeping with my interest in representing fighting in games, from martial arts to gunfire, and my interest in both quantitative and narrative storytelling, I decided to try my hand at looking at how a few representative games handle different issues. I picked five systems, four of which I’ve been exposed to or played (sometimes extensively), and one that I haven’t, but seems well regarded by those that play – and is fantastically well supported by its fans.
I hope that you take a gander at it. It’ll appear weekly on Tuesdays, and honestly, at this point I’m thinking of ideas of things to write about a heck of a lot faster than I have time to write them. As will be no surprise to those that know me, read my blog, or my published works – these things ain’t short.

8 thoughts on “Violent Resolution – a new blog series

  1. I expect that you'll keep us updated here or on G+ as a reminder when they go live. I didn't see any obvious way to add your posts there to my RSS feed.

  2. I will – I'll also replicate the prior week's post the day before the following one goes live. Some of the posts are long enough that I've broken them in two, others are even longer but breaking it up into pieces didn't make as much sense.

    1. Excellent! I'll try to find reasons to comment over there. I know that people employing bloggers like that sort of thing even more than bloggers like getting comments. 😉

    2. FYI, "employ" in the "getting paid for this" sense isn't accurate – I'm not on the payroll over there. Jeffro liked my work, recommended it to the management, presumably they read some of my stuff (or at least my first sample post once I got my groove on), and asked me to write more.

  3. Sorry you feel you have to associate yourself with people like that (check out their lead editor's publicly expressed views some time); I hope the boost to your career is worth it.

    1. I don't endorse his publicly expressed views any more than I endorse any particular views by any other venue which hosts, but does not dictate, my work. The writing itself is, and always will be, based on gaming only.

    2. Thank you, RogerBW, for pointing that out. Sorry, Douglas, I don't want to give that "racially aware" person any clicks. I'll just have to wait for your later publication here.

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