Kidding aside, looks like my calcaneous fracture is worse than I thought. Broken in many places:

Surgeon: Your calcaneous basically exploded.

Me: There was a lot of that going on that day.

So: surgery tomorrow morning, because every day that goes by is another day where instead of a 3″ incision, they have to make it twice the size.

I expect that the first few days will be rough, and I’ll be confined to the downstairs couch with my foot elevated. And no ibuprophen or other NSAIDs, because +Peter V. Dell’Orto was right about recent research showing NSAIDs retard the bone healing process.

Oh, and for the next 24 hours, I’m in a ‘fracture boot,’ I did not think anything could be more awkward and annoying than the fiberglass cast.

I was wrong.

So: farewell for a week. Game on.

13 thoughts on “One-week hiatus likely

  1. Take it easy, Doug. My wife has a far less invasive surgery scheduled for December and she'll be out of commission for a week as well.

    Stock up the tablet with gaming PDFs and be prepared to become mightily bored with Netflix.

  2. May as well elevate the hip, too, like in that hip flexor deload video I sent you. 🙂

    And yeah, NSAIDs have a role, but it sure isn't promoting muscle growth and bone regeneration. Glad to hear your medical professionals agree. 🙂

    1. Thanks! On a more practical note, she tells me that when avoiding prescription pain killers she'd had good results with a mix of a vitamin C, a calcium supplement, and the herbal "sleep and relax" (valerian/hops) mix, and extra-strength aspirin. The latter might not be compatible with your regime, but she asked me to pass that on (:

  3. Make your health checks man. 😉

    Anyway if the pain gets bad enough, don't hesitate to hit the doc up for some pain relief. You heal faster when you hurt less in my experience,

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