Range Report, Projectile Weekend, and 30 seconds of fame

Took a new Springfield XDM out for a test drive this weekend. The PPQ has the better trigger, but this thing was plenty accurate. I’m just going to have to stop shooting at five yards; it’s too easy. Still, the bullets go where you tell them to, and 15 rounds in an extended magazine is a lot.

At 10 and 20 yards, things were still respectable, and hopefully I’ll get better with more practice. (Left picture is 15 rounds at 5yds, then 15 at 10 yds, then 10 at 20 yds).

Also went to Schaffer Performance Archery with my wife, who was shooting her new bow. A very, very interesting Hwarang style bow. It’s a 40# draw, but it’s very, very smooth. She let me shoot it, and I was happy.

Interestingly, there was another group there, two girls and two guys. They were talking about how you get a guy, like a football player, who can bench 350 or something, that can’t pull a 50-60# bow, because the training is so sport-specific.

I naturally (and subtly, I thought) agreed, that while doing some research for an article – for gaming – on bows, I’d found the same thing.

“Oh, what game?”
Well, it’s GURPS.
Oh, have you ever heard of Technical Grapplng?
Uhm. The Deadly Spring?
“Yes! That was such a great piece!”
Oh, thanks. I wrote it.

Wackiness ensued. Who knew there were people I could randomly meet who (a) knew RPGing, (b) played GURPS, and (c) had even heard of my work. Fun.

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