Merry Christmas – Backerkit Surveys Coming Soon!

Funding and Surveys

I got confirmation that basically everyone’s pledges have cleared, and the funds that I’ll use to complete the project are on their way. Thanks for being a well-regulated bunch!

With the two week mandatory delay finished, the backer list has been imported into Backerkit, as well as being able to finalize the surveys. I’m mocking up a “this is a POD copy of the book” image for clarity, and after that happens (hopefully today), I can send my survey for review. There won’t be much to it, honestly – I’ll get y’alls shipping and email addresses so I can distribute rewards. My intent is to only have the surveys open for maybe 10-14 days or so, so please look for it and get it filled out quickly, so that I can get you the promised goods correctly the first time.

Art, Art, Baby

Finally, I’ve seen some spectacular art progress over the last week. The new custom cover is freakin’ awesome, and one of my other artists’ commented “Old School never looked so good.” I’m inclined to agree.

Of the 23 pieces of art including the cover, I have 12 color images in hand (some of which are being tweaked), and 10 concept or black and white “sketches,” some of which are basically publishable as-is, but hey, color! The final image was a challenge due to an odd art-space requirement, but Gennifer and I worked out some options last night, and that will be proceeding as well.


Once all the art is in, Nathan and I will finalize the layout, tighten any text to fit, and create the pre-final document. Then my playtest platoon will give it a solid once-over to ensure that any obvious errors are fixed up, and then the electronic files will go out.

I believe electronic documents will be fulfilled by Backerkit. I’ll give them digital copies of Dungeon Grappling in PDF, eBook, and any Manor or Guardians add-ons you’ve purchased (and you’ll select those through the Backerkit survey). They will send those out and it’ll be fairly instant gratification.

As soon as I have the primary file and cover done, I’ll order a proof from DTRPG, inspect it to ensure it meets my standards, and then place the final orders for your books, which will arrive anywhere from 3 days to 10 weeks (!) from order placement, depending on shipping destination.

Thanks for your patience, and I’ll continue to whip the process into shape. I’ve got expert help.

(Yes, this is an art preview. The other images? Yeah, they’re similar quality.)

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