Lost Hall of Tyr is 97% funded on Day 1!

Morning, Torengur!

It’s just shy of 24 hours since the Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) Kickstarter campaign launched, and Lost Hall of Tyr is 97% funded! That means we’re about two pledges from funding. That’s not bad at all for the first day.

As soon as we hit that level, I’ll start working with Glynn on getting the maps in place.

In between hitting F5 a lot, I’ll be writing the next adventure north of Audreyn’s Wall, The Citadel at Northwatch. This one will be a true micro-setting: the titular Citadel itself, and one or two more locations, populated by groups of folks with their own plans and goals. The PCs should hit that web of interactions like a rock into a still pond (or a rock into an unbroken window) and wackiness will likely ensue.

For now, please help spread the word about Lost Hall, especially to folks who don’t have it yet but do have Dragon Heresy. There are about 200 of y’all, and this adventure is what you need to get a game started.

Lost Hall 2nd Edition on Kickstarter

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