Cover for Dungeon Grappling

Just a very quick Dungeon Grappling update

  • Received and responded to another round of layout.
  • 80% of my artists have completed their obligations with complete contracts.
  • I have reached out to Juan for some alterations to two pieces of his, which were not his fault but he’s going to get me altered art within two days anyway. My fault, not his, so he gets paid extra.
  • The cover is done.

 Backerkit Surveys Close Friday

It’s four days until Backerkit Surveys close. There are fewer than 30 of you guys that need to fill them out. If you don’t, I’ll use the name I have from Kickstarter to give credit, and of course you’ll get your stuff as ordered through Kickstarter. But it would be super-great if I could have the confirmation that your name is as you’d like it to be.

So please fill out your surveys this week!

General Impressions

In doing the final edits for the book, I got to re-read it. Twice. I think you’ll like the final version, and it is, quite simply, a gorgeous book. There were some extra art holes that I filled with close-ups from the cover (hope you’ll forgive me for that), and a few bits of grammar and clarity. Plus some updates for feedback from playtesting and reading.

But by and large, there are only a few things left to do.

  • Some of the graphics and logos need reworking
  • The final changed must be made
  • Artists and sponsors inserted where appropriate
  • Final art insertion, a few changes to the art due to layout
  • Table of Contents will be generated
  • MOBI and ePub files will be generated
  • Bookmarks and links will be added to the PDF file
  • Validate CMYK color saturation levels for print versions
  • Validate cover and interior art with RPGNow

Once those things are done, it’s complete. Can’t wait.

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