Final Distributions Beginning on Dungeon Grappling

I’ve got the final PDF file, with errata, spell-check, and some reformatting of the Table of Contents and (more importantly) the Index. I was showing off my proof today at work, and went to look something up . . . and it was not as intuitive as it should be.

So I fixed it. I think it’s better now. The major headings are still called out by color, and the sub-topics are ordered strictly by alphabet, which gives a better chance to find something if you don’t already know where it is.

I also had to curb-stomp a few incidental finds of “attack of opportunity” instead of “opportunity attack.”

But all of my backers received a note and a new download, with a new file name.

What? You’re not a backer? That’s OK.

Pre-Order Dungeon Grappling Here!

Tomorrow, I hope to receive the total-ink-corrected POD version of that same file. I’ll upload it and if it sticks and is approved by DTRPG/Lightning Source, I’ll begin print distributions.

I was hoping to distribute ePUB files today, but I’m not happy with it yet. The text came through OK, but the table coherency was completely lost. Not good enough, so that will go out when it’s ready, and not before.

Here’s the new index, for fun:

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