Kickstarter Update Summary – Lost Hall of Tyr

Lost Hall has Funded!

Lost Hall of Tyr has funded! We passed the basic goal about 8 days in, so the project will definitely happen.

This is excellent news for Gaming Ballistic, of course – who doesn’t want their projects to succeed? – but it’s only a first step.

Pre-Campaign Commissions

I’ve since received some amazing art samples, and all of the maps. So no delays there.

The art is looking to be very impressive, even if I was the one placing the orders.

First, check out the cover, by Juan Ochoa

It’s a very pretty wrap-around cover, that echoes the feel of the Dungeon Grappling book while at the same time being its own thing. The weapons and stances of the nordic-inspired warriors were wonderfully rendered from reference images taken at the Asfolk Viking Martial Arts school in Eagan, MN.

The internal art is shaping up as well. Two of the pieces were done in time for the Kickstarter video, while the last one just came in, from Roland Warzecha, of Dimicator.

Gerasimos Kolokas

Rick Troula

Roland Warzecha

This is my art team, less one image in progress from the equally impressive John Blaszczyk. I will be commissioning more art from these folks in the coming days.


Each encounter will have a map of its own, provided by Dan Roy of Bogie Maps. There are six such maps – three woodland encounters, one that happens on a riverbank, and of course the Tower of Judgment itself – if the players can find it.


One question that did come up a few times was whether the maps have grids on them, square, hex, or other. Answer: no. They’re unkeyed and have no markings, so you can more easily drag them onto a VTT with no work.

Review by Josh Beckelhimer

There was also a review of the project over at Fantastical Beckelhimer, by Josh, that said nice things about the project.

Such as?

First, and like my previous post, the layout is great. The coloring and the borders for the layout really have set the bar on what a 5th Edition adventure should look like. Yes, a thousand times better than WotC’s layouts for their adventures.

I like the writing layout Douglas has done with this adventure. He has created four different categories that helps the GM with running the adventure.

  • Challenges – Describes the challenges that the PCs will have to overcome in this section. Whether it is NPCs or an obstacle that is their way.
  • Concealed – Describes some skill checks they may be needed to achieve a challenge. Also information that may be hidden from the PCs.
  • Alternatives – Describes some alternative ways to deal with the challenge in the section.
  • Rewards – Describes the rewards/treasure the PCs can find in this section. Some rewards are just being able to bypass the challenge.

Though, this adventure was written for 5th edition, there is enough information with this writing layout that the adventure could easily be converted to another system.

Next Steps: Stretch Goals – Need help!

The real key now is stretch goals. More art is always in the offing as the project does better and better, up to a natural limit set by the layout, plus a few extra pages. Plus if we can score 300-400 physical orders, I would love to do a high-quality offset print run for the backers. We’ve got a bit to go in the next two weeks to hit these goals, but with a community as strong as 5e, it remains possible.

But I could surely use your help and support. I’d ask that if you’re looking for a fun quest, easily plunked into an existing campaign, that you check out Lost Hall of Tyr, and consider supporting at the PDF or Print levels. If you love giving artists more work, perhaps consider some of the sponsorship tiers. And if you have enjoyed Dungeon Grappling, this scenario will help you make excellent use of the book.


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