Dragon Heresy was on Twitch Sunday Night!

Play a berserker or viking warrior in Dragon Heresy, a fast-paced game that brings viking spirit and grit to Fifth Edition with new rules, a complete setting, and tons of challenges.Dragon Heresy on Twitch

This is a bit of an experiment. I’ve never streamed on Twitch, but I’m giving it a shot and streaming Dragon Heresy tonight!

The folks at Roles to Astonish, a newish channel, have agreed to come on and play Dragon Heresy with me as the GM.

Roles to Astonish: Developer Spotlight – Dragon Heresy

We’ll be walking through a first level starter adventure that I’m writing to support the Dragon Heresy release. Yes, if it’s done by the time I move the Dragon Heresy PDF to final form and to print (July) backers will get it for free in PDF.

Right now, it’s more a skeleton (ahem) than anything else, but I’ve done free-form play with Dragon Heresy before, and it works out just fine.

Come check out the game! It starts at 5pm Central Time, and will go for up to four hours.

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