Hall of Judgment: International Shipping underway

Shipping Timing

I received a note from Kixto this morning. They shipped out 107 books via Royal Mail. Start looking for them in the next few days to arrive.

The remainder of the books, about 200kg worth, will head to me via AirMail. I expect 5-7 working days transit time, so end of next week. Possibly earlier, and if that happens, I’ll let folks know. I just spoke with Mark over at Kixto (and as a by-the-by, if you’re printing and shipping from the UK, I recommend them highly), and it’s likely that I’ll pay my invoice in the next 24 hours and the books will hop on a plane in cartons via DHL; this simplifies a great many things. So I’m hopeful.

Shipping Costs

Just for the sake of full disclosure.

International shipping has presently cost me $925 for 107 books; $999 was collected, so the error was in my favor by $0.70 per book on international shipping.

On the domestic side, the jury is still out. It looks like the total cost to bring books from the UK to me to you will wind up being $7.25 per book, or perhaps a bit higher. So I’ll lose about $1.25 per book mailed out. That’s not horrid. I’ve got 300 book mailers arriving Friday, and will be printing postage on a thermal printer. So the longest part of the process will be packing up the books, and I’ve got a plan for that.

Once the shipping is done, I’ll recap the project financials and post a summary of what the viability of such a book would have been had it not had so much pre-work done in the form of Lost Hall of Tyr.

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