Gaming Ballistic Blog-iversary: 6 years

Today is the Gaming Ballistic Blog-iversary: 6 years. Six years ago today, I looked at Peter Dell’Orto’s Dungeon Fantastic for the Nth time and thought to myself: “I have something I can contribute here.”

So I started Gaming Ballistic on Blogger.

Since then, thousands of posts and millions of words (at one point, I counted both) later, I’ve started a company and published four or five books on my own, plus Technical Grappling.

In 2019, I’ve got more on the way: a minimum of three core plotlines for two different systems.

I still  haven’t really figured out how to load-level and keep my publishing on the blog leveled with my publishing and writing for books, but that’s a 2019 goal.

Speaking of those, look for the “what worked, what didn’t” navelgazing post sometime after the new year.

Until then: thanks for journeying with me this far!

3 thoughts on “Gaming Ballistic Blog-iversary: 6 years

  1. Hey Doug,

    Got the Dragon Heresy book and Dungeon Grappling through the Kickstarter campaign. Beautiful work. Haven’t play tested it yet but let’s just say that at this point I’m not playing much for various reasons which I hope will change. I’ve also jumped on the LHoT Kickstarter so maybe that’ll be the excuse I need.

    However, I am putting together a 5ed campaign to use hopefully starting next month and wanted to use your HP rules. One thing I noticed that your DH and 5ed books have in common is that it frequently requires quite a bit of digging and piecing to figure out how certain rules work. This may have also been true when I played 2ed years ago but I had someone to walk me through the rules so I never had to try to figure out that stuff myself. I have put together a synopsis of the HP rules that I think covers everything. Unfortunately it is about three pages long (I format and make lists for ease of finding stuff). I was hoping that maybe you could take a look and tell me if you thought it was accurate and useful. If the answer to both questions was yes I’d be perfectly OK with you taking it and putting it out as a quick reference for DMs and players if you thought it would be useful.

    Please let me know back by email and I can send you a copy of the file. It is about 16KB so not to big and in .docx format.


    Calvin Armerding

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