Lost Hall 2e Campaign ends in 45 minutes

The campaign to bring a high-quality print run to Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) – the first (but not the last) direct support for the Dragon Heresy RPG – is coming to an end in 45 minutes, at 9:30pm Central time.

The campaign met its funding goal of $1,300 and went on to hit 300% funding. The books that will be printed will be nice, too: 93# silk-coated matte paper, with a glossy cover.

But it still could be better.

Next Goal: $6,000 for Offset Print

It’s true, it’s a reach. We need $2000 more . . . and yet that is only 66 more people. It’s a challenge, but it’s not crazy. Sure, there’s a bit of irrational exuberance in my projections, but we still have 134 following the campaign who haven’t jumped in. Plus there are 200 folks from this very campaign that have Dragon Heresy but nothing to play it with.

So the potential is there.

That version will be amazing. 105# paper will bulk up the spine a bit. Heavy softcover with a lay-flat binding.

And the book will be able to go into distribution and sit on retail shelves next to the core book.

That last one is probably more important for me than for you. But there it is: it’s the sort of thing that makes the game more accessible, more popular, and allows me to keep developing content in advance of any crowdfunding.

So: please share our victory with your social network, and invite them on board. It really does help! And if you can make it, please pledge!

But is this really the end?

Not quite. After a few weeks to let the Kickstarter funds settle, we’ll enter the Backerkit phase, which will allow pre-orders and Add-Ons to still be obtained. Including even better versions of the viking shields a few of y’all bought the first time!

The Kickstarter portion should finish Jan 4, and Backerkit will probably run through the 20th of January. After that, we’ll look for some preliminary PDF distribution for error checking, and then we’ll hit the printer sometime in February.

The Backerkit Revenue absolutely counts for how good the final print run will be. If we hit the stretch goal of $6,000 or more during the Backerkit phase, I write the check for the offset print run. So if we pass over the line after tonight . . . we still all win and get an even better book.

Please support the Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) campaign in its final hour

If you can support it later, that’ll be fine too! Just throw in a dollar so you’re on the list for the Backerkit phase and you’ll get carried with me through the rest of the ride!

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