The process to finish up Citadel at Nordvorn enters the fulfillment phase today! While the main document isn’t yet ready, PDFs of Fantastic Dungeon Grappling and Hall of Judgment will be finalized, updated, and distributed in PDF form over the weekend. Read on for details!

And if you missed the campaign, it’s definitely not too late! Pre-orders are being taken on Backerkit right now, and will continue to be taken there until the print order is submitted the first week in May!

Check out the update history on Kickstarter, or see any other Nordvorn info here on Gaming Ballistic!

Locking Orders

So, today is the day! I have locked everyone’s responses who have actually responded. That leaves 29 surveys incomplete, and (most importantly) 11 people who have physical product but have not completed the survey, and updated an address.

I can’t send you your physical goods without a shipping address!

Charging Cards

Most – in fact, all but 10 – of the successfully-locked orders have also had your cards charged. That’s 566 people . . . woot! If you’re one of the 10, you’ll get an email from Backerkit to look into it.

First Distribution: Fantastic Dungeon Grappling!

I’m still working on Norðvorn . . . but anyone who ordered Fantastic Dungeon Grappling will be seeing a note from me later today with the PDF in their email box.

I will then try and quickly clean up Hall of Judgment, and get that ready to print. Again, that’ll be in the next day or two.

So that begins the fulfillment phase. When all the initial PDFs are out, I’ll take corrections and errata for a week or so, get the finalization, and then print! I’ll also be getting the bookmarks ready. Those are a separate print job, but not to worry.

The good news is I got my UK VAT number, which means I can now import and distribute things for International folks per my original plan. That was a wrinkle, but one that’s been smoothed. It impacted my prior Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) final phase more than y’all. But those books ship – after many trials and tribulations – this coming Tuesday!

I will be moving to finalize an order with my printer ASAP, and get things moving. It takes two weeks to order the paper . . . and I’m using the same paper throughout. That means the paper should be in hand May 6, so if I can get final files to them May 3, that satisfies the “no hiccups, no delays” staging. I will be attempting to get finals to them a few days earlier, but that’s where we stand.

Intro: May the FNORD Be With Us

Over Apr 6-7, I went down to FNORDCon, Steve Jackson Games’ first gaming convention that they planned and ran themselves. Originally, there wasn’t going to be any GURPS/DFRPG content at all – maybe not even any roleplaying – but I and one of my authors, also a MiB, volunteered to fix that right up. He was going to run two sessions of his upcoming The Dragons of Rosgarth, while I’d do one session each of Hall of Judgment and one of the almost-ready Citadel at Nordvorn.

Both sessions of mine were really, really full. I have a bit of a policy that if you come to one of my games, you play in one of my games. Especially with so few opportunities for RPGing while there. So both games had 12-13 folks in them.

I’ll be reaching out to my other players tonight, and we’ll see if anyone else has thoughts.

If you like what you read below . . . preorders for Citadel at Nordvorn are open!

Session Report by Carl Patten

My background going in: Backed Dungeon Fantasy Monsters II and backed the Citadel of Nordvorn based on recommendation from there. I am very familiar, if rusty, with GURPS, and own Dungeon Fantasy but hadn’t played it in a group yet. My wife has played several D&D campaigns but has only played GURPS once.

First of all, congratulations on running a session with 12 people that actually got stuff done! It’s really easy to get bogged down in details in DF and GURPS, and my wife appreciated the “GURPS super light” approach you took. You also were able to consistently answer our basic rule questions off the top of your head, which kept the pacing fast. Similarly, starting with “you’re all together on a boat, which is being attacked by another boat” successfully got us into the action right away without needing to reach a consensus first. The discussion afterward about what to do with our brand-new boat was hilarious!

Next, the setting rocked! We were the two Minnesotan expats in the room, and even though we may not have actually encountered the Minnesota/Iron Range references during this session, knowing they were in there got us pumped! The time you spent storytelling, describing the setting and why people acted as they did, was just as entertaining as the time we spent as characters in-game. This also paid off in the story hooks; hearing the story of the lady whose father shamed her suitor in public legitimately pissed us off! I’m going to have to run this setting just to find out what the hell is happening there!

We very much enjoyed the pre-made characters, my wife the “mace to the face” cat folk and me the halfling scout. I was worried that as two odd-ball characters we might miss out on some of the Norseness, but no, we were fully included! The descriptions and design notes were fun to read and helped us both jump into these characters immediately.

Minor character highlight was the great big lady wrestler who showed off what the Fantastic Dungeon Grappling can do. Sold me on checking it out, that’s for sure.

The Warding Temple quest to defend the village against 12 hobbs and 3 trolls was a mixed success. It succeeded in reuniting the party after we went a few different ways in Nordvorn, and ending on a big fight was a satisfying wrap-up so I’m glad we went there, but I got confused on where our party started in relation to the fey (ironic since I was the scout!), and that made it tough to sort out what to do other than just “shoot” or “run up and hit/bodyslam them”. Maybe a simple “who’s charging in and who’s staying back” table on the giant notepad would have helped? Fortunately the spellcaster next to me concussed the snot out of half the bad guys (and a few of us too) which helped us win the fight and end on time.

One last highlight: we arrived at the dock of Nordvorn with that brand new ship and the official asked us where we got it. We were standing around hum-hawing because, although per custom we’d claimed it fair and square, we weren’t sure exactly how to explain it. Suddenly you as our NPC boat captain whom we’d saved jumped in with “LET ME TELL YOU THE STORY!” It was an awesome moment of GMing and got us through that awkward pause while making us feel like righteous Norse heroes.

In conclusion, this was a tremendously exciting setting and session. Thanks for running it!

I’m headed out to FNORDCon today, back Sunday night. So I’ll be a bit thin on the ground here . . . but if you’re there, well, if there’s Dungeon Fantasy to be played, you’ll be playing it with either me or Kyle Norton. And two of those games are playtest sessions for the Dragons of Rosgarth . . . the next Norðlond adventure!

We hope to see you there!


We’re excited to have Douglas Cole and Kyle Norton from Gaming Ballistic to run Dungeon Fantasy scenarios all weekend! Here’s a short description of the scenarios being run:

Hall of Judgment: Journey from the Norðlond town of Isfjall to the ruins of Logiheimli, seeking the location of the lost Hall of Judgment. Battle undead, speak with lost heroes, and if you’re lucky, find the Hall itself. Available in limited quantities at the show! (Douglas, 10 a.m. Sat.)

Citadel at Nordvorn: The dwarf-wrought Citadel at Nordvorn anchors Audreyn’s Wall against threats from the faerie-plagued Hunted Lands, as well as the Dragon grounds. For centuries it has stood firm against external threats . . . but it currently faces disaster from within. Can the PCs unravel the mysteries brewing at Nordvorn? (Douglas, 10 a.m. Sun.)

The Dragons of Rosgarth: A new dragon has taken up residence in the Ruins of Rosgarth and gathered an army around him.  The army must be dispersed before they attack Nordlond! The game begins following a stealthy journey to within sight of the dragon’s fortress at the Ruins. What happens after that is up to you. Seize the opportunity to play The Dragons of Rosgarth *before* it’s even released! (Kyle, 3 p.m. Sat. and 2 p.m. Sun.)

Since the last GURPSDay (sorry I missed one), the Citadel at Nordvorn and DFM2/Boxed Set reprint both ended the primary campaign phase. Both funded solidly: DMF2 at just shy of $55K ($40K goal), while Nordvorn came in at $26K ($13K goal). Both funded and passed at least one stretch goal, and Citadel will be delivered as a sewn, lay-flat binding with 128 pages.


A printing decision has been made, art is coming in, and the book is heading towards finalization. I turned in a finished PDF file to SJG to print Fantastic Dungeon Grappling to be inserted into the new reprint of the Boxed Set. So things are moving. In fact, The Citadel at Norðvorn is now accepting pre-orders via Backerkit. (In fact, things are going very well over there.) This should happen for the DFM2 campaign soon as well.


Back to GURPSDay

Just to cover the back-story, this GURPSDay goes from mid-March to the present.

GURPSDay is starting its sixth – GURPSDay started in February 2013,  a year after I started Gaming Ballistic. Things have slowed down a bit, and I’ll be considering how to revitalize this weekly activity. I’d like to see an average of 100 posts here per week – one per blog, ish – so we’ll see what we can do to get creative juiced flowing.

If you just started a GURPS blog – and I know that some of you have – email me and get on the list! With the advent of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, Powered by GURPS, there’s even more reason to write.

How? Two action items: post more, recruit more. It’s really that simple. More posters is more posts, and more interest in GURPS.

Below you can find the blog activity for the last week. There’s a whole lotta awesome GURPS going on. Read all the posts.

Not every blog posts about GURPS every week, but some are ridiculously prolific! The list is randomized, so different bloggers will be highlighted at the top of the post each week.

As always, if you’re interested in having your blog consolidated here, navigate over to The Instructions Page and drop me a line. Take special note of the RSS Settings Fix if you’re on WordPress.
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The Citadel at Norðvorn completed a very successful Kickstarter campaign. It busted through several stretch goals including an increase to 128 pages and an offset, sewn-binding, lay-flat printing (that’s going to be so sweet, I’ll admit).

Now, it’s time for the final phase of the effort: pre-orders and shipping.

Now on Backerkit: The Citadel at Norðvorn

Check out the Kickstarter page for information on the book, previews of the art, progress updates, and the sweet add-ons and extra material available, including the 8-page Fantastic Dungeon Grappling.

Then follow the pre-order link and jump in!

OK. Slept a bit. Not a lot. Spent most of the night having vivid nightmares about shipping. What’s that about?

So, we’re done, we not just funded, but we busted a bunch of stretch goals! Including offset print!

What the @#!!#@ is Offset Print?

The short version is this:

Here’s a link to a chat about the differences between digital and offset printing.

The real kicker – up until I found a printer that would do it just recently, after the Kickstarter launched – is that the choices were “sewn binding, but offset print” or “digital press, but glued-only.”

The print quality for digital printing isn’t quite as good (mostly in color saturation and fidelity) to offset, which is why it’s better.

And digital printing is (roughly) 1/3 the setup cost of offset, but 4x (!!) the per-copy cost. So for very short runs, digital wins. For runs usually in 1,000 copies or more, offset wins on both cost and quality. For the quote I just received, if I need to order 386 copies or more, it’s best to go offset.

I need to order a minimum of 405 books . . . and Backerkit isn’t over . . . so that all works out nicely.

The Quest for Shipping

There’s no question: it’s a pain. It’ll take me a few days to lock down the answer, too, because of course the  books have to be printed first, then shipped from there to . . . somewhere. My strategy for trying to keep shipping costs down is evolving, but the offset print run promise means I must print one run, ideally overseas, so I can minimize international shipping. US-based offset, sewn printing just isn’t cost competitive (but it surely is time-competitive . . . there’s no better way to get 1,000 books from the US to the US in a 4-week deadline than some of the local printers here. These guys can be fast, and of course ground shipping inside the USA is a matter of days, not weeks or months like ocean freight).

What’s Next?

First thing: I need to finish the book. I made nice progress last night on finishing the Supporting Cast chapter, which is a list of NPC types that one will expect to encounter, plus a list of folks that were killed in the course of some of the background plot workings. Why focus so much time on a bunch of dead folks? Because they had friends and loved ones who are grieving, and need to blame somebody. That’s a powerful motivation, and animates a lot of activity.

This still needs a lot of editing, but you can see what you’re going to see.

After this, I’ve got a few pages of rules – mostly on social situations, which are deliberately given short shrift in the box set in favor of killing folks and taking their stuff – to write, and then whatever page count I have from where I am to 128 pages will be filled with critters. I’ve got placeholders so far, and I know I need to put in a bunch of dragonkin. Then we’ll see!

Editing is catching up with writing very quickly, and Emily will soon find herself waiting for my latest chapter. That’s not ideal, because I prefer to be ahead of that, but it’s not bad, either, because it means that once I do hand over Supporting Cast, the monster chapter, and the additional rules text that I can simply start inserting her edited text into the book. Thus far, her edits have not caused any major problems with reflow – that’s a hazard of layout before editing is complete, but I’d rather iterate.

Once all that is done, I go through and make the Table of Contents and the Index . . . and now that the KS is complete, I can compile the backer list for the “thanks!” page.

Art, Art, Baby

So that’s all words. What about the pictures?

I’m happy to report that the sketches continue to roll in. I’ve added new members to my art team, and I’ll be touting their qualities in future updates. What I can say is that the work I’ve seen so far validates my trust in these folks. Each artist brings their own talents, and what I’m finding is that all of them are able to take my art direction and approach it in ways that vastly improve the composition of each image. They’re really bringing Norðvorn and surrounds to life. What impresses me the most is how much they have done their homework. Getting “authentic Viking” right can be hard due to the amount of Hollywood-ized depictions out there, but one of my artists included a sword in her image that is a classic late-period Peterson Type X.

That’s pretty cool.

Son of a gun. We did it! So offset print it is. And with all of the Viking Raider pledges, I think I might need another batch of Hall of Judgment as well!

I’m going to publish the update below to a bunch of RPG sites. If folks want to come by (or post on your own!) and do a bit of a victory dance, I would not object a tiny bit.

Thanks for everyone who’s jumped in so vigorously. Even beyond that, this is nearly 50% more funding than Hall of Judgment, and that only had 525 backers. Let’s go rile up some folk!

The Kickstarter for the Powered-by-GURPS licensed adventure, The Citadel at Norðvorn, is in its final three hours. We just passed the stretch goal that includes an offset print run, which will see the book with a sewn, lay-flat binding and printed on 100-105# matte paper.

In the icy north of the realm, the dwarf-hewn fortress of Norðvörn anchors the defenses that ward against the predation of dragonkin and faerie alike. Three generations of relative quiet in the region have lulled the northerners and their defenders into a sense of stable peace.

That is about to change. Norðvorn needs your help.

The Citadel at Norðvorn is a licensed setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. It consists of three major settlements, many small villages, at least one ruin, and two primary sources of conflict: The Hunted Lands to the northwest of The Palisade, and the Endalaus Forest, to the north and east of Audreyn’s Wall. Plus the lure of the endless wealth and magical treasure still lost in the Dragongrounds.

Within the book, find:

  • Detailed descriptions of Norðvorn and two important towns. Important locations and personalities. Culture and festivals. Places to live and shop.
  • Motivations and goals for key factions: the Wardens of Norðvorn, Faerie, Dragonkin, and foul fiends from Muspelheim and their human servitors.
  • The ruins of Elskadr, whose destruction woke threats from the dragonkin, and mystical forces long dormant.
  • Key NPCs and supporting cast, a bestiary, and an “instant village generator” for travel between towns.

This setting is easily portable to any game world needing a “wild Northmen” feel.

So go visit Norðvorn: Chaos is waiting for you.

The Citadel at Nordvorn funded over a week ago, and just passed it’s major stretch goal to deliver the offset print run! Back it now and push it farther! If you missed the prior work, Hall of Judgment, there’s a “Viking Raider” level starting at $65 that also includes that book. There’s also “Fantastic Dungeon Grappling” and other goodness on there.

Check it out!

Last 14 hours! Offset print run only $1,412 away

The Citadel at Nordvorn campaign has exceeded my expectations, and is encroaching on exceeding my hopes. I never really thought we’d be this close! But Hall of Judgment brought in over $2,000 in the final day . . . so who knows!

How can we get there?

There’s enough latent demand out there, still – over $13,000 – to take us past the “no, really, that’s the last goal” level for reprinting Hall of Judgment as well.

So jump on board! Share this campaign with your friends, drop by your Favorite Local Game Store with this handy Nordvorn Sell Sheet and see if they’ll back the campaign. It won’t take many!

As we enter the final two days of The Citadel at Nordvorn campaign, it has become clear that the “best we can do” figure is significantly in excess of the prior goal for the campaign at $30,000.

After thinking about it for a bit, I know what to do. At 35,000, I will get a reprint of Hall of Judgment done in the same style and quality as the offset run for Citadel at Norðvorn. Sewn and lay-flat binding. Heavy paper (100-105#, or 150-157gsm).

The new printing will include all of the new battle-maps done by Glynn Seal for the 2nd Edition of Lost Hall of Tyr, so the basic file is already done. If we hit this goal, everyone that already has a PDF of Hall of Judgment will get it upgraded to the new edition at no cost.

New maps?


Old Map - Rival Claim (Ridge Path)
Old Map – Rival Claim (Ridge Path)

The new images show a lot more custom detail, all done by award-winning cartographer Glynn Seal (who has a Kickstarter of his own going on right now). He did the maps of Logiheimli in Hall of Judgment, and he’s doing the maps in Citadel.

Full-page map of the new Rival Claim image.
Full-page map of the new Rival Claim image.

If we hit the new goal, Hall of Judgment will have the maps inserted into the art spaces where the old maps were; I’ll look into what it would take to get full-page maps in the back of the book as well, but no promises on that . . . it’s already a full book and I’d need to add 16 pages to make it work.

But I’m not saying no either.

Regardless, a digital map pack will be available as well (HoJ PDF purchasers in the past may already have it; I uploaded it to Backerkit a while ago and sent it out).

“And That’s All I Have to Say About That” (-F. Gump)

Wow. What a campaign. A potential offset print. Maybe a 144-page version of Citadel. Fantastic Dungeon Grappling in the boxed set itself (pinch me!), and contemplating awesome reprints of my old books.

No question: you guys are awesome.

However . . . to get the Big Goals, we need Big Conversion.

That means popping into Forum threads like these and commenting. A word from a backer goes so much further than a word from the creator. One is an endorsement; the other is spam. You know it, I know it, so I need your help:

There’s also Social Media – tweet, facebook, etc. I’ll be repeating this announcement in a blog post over at Gaming Ballistic, and that will show up at @GMingBallistic on Twitter, the Gaming Ballistic page on Facebook, and on my page and account on MeWe (and if you’re looking for ALL the places to find me on the net, go here and you can see them all).

We have 36 hours.

We just pillaged the $20,000 stretch goal for 128 pages. This makes me happy. Not the least reason for which is the unfinished draft lays out at 115 pages on a 112-page budget. So . . . I don’t  have to cut anything. Thank you all for making this my strongest Kickstarter ever.

As both Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 and The Citadel at Nordvorn enter their final hours (fewer than 12 for DFM2, about 60 as I type this for Nordvorn), it’s time to check and see if what you’ve got listed is really what you want, and (if it’s not) push the proejct to the offset print run by adding what you want NOW rather than in Backerkit.

Add-Ons vs Pledge Levels

Make sure you’re at the most efficient levels. If you’re interested in both print and PDF of both Citadel and Hall of Judgment, the Viking Raider and Retail Viking levels make more sense. If you’re interested in being a sponsor and want both books, you’ll pick one of the sponsor levels, and then plus-up with add-ons.

This is especially important for Fantastic Dungeon Grappling. At least one person has said they want that booklet and nothing else. The best way to make that happen is to pledge at the No Reward level, and make your pledge $4 for PDF, $7 for Print, and $9 for both.

The process for purchasing add-ons is one of adding sufficient “credit” to your pledge to cover your purchases once the Backerkit pledge manager phase goes online – shortly after the KS closes and cards are charged.

Once there, you’ll find your reward level already in your cart, and an option to buy add-ons. Add what you want just like you would on any on-line shopping experience. Shipping (if any) will be applied, and then your credit subtracted and then any balance can be paid with your credit card or other payment scheme accepted by Backerkit.

Let’s Get Physical

Plenty of folks want PDF for games because they’re searchable and don’t take up shelf space. Those are great reasons.

But for those who would love to have a physical book, but are nervous about international shipping, I’ll remind you that I do two print runs for non-offset books. One here in the USA, and another in the UK or EU. In fact, even if we DO an offset run, one of the printing locations for quality offset print is in the EU. So we’ll see!

So if shipping makes you nervous about physical goods . . . Hall of Judgment was $6 to the UK, $9 to the EU, and $12 to everywhere else. These costs are unpredictable, but avoiding the “ship it out of the USA” step helps a ton.

So consider print!


If you missed the Hall of Judgment Kickstarter, and want all the Dungeon Fantasy RPG that Gaming Ballistic has to offer, you’re looking at getting:

  • Print and PDF of Citadel at Nordvorn ($35)
  • Print and PDF of Hall of Judgment ($30)
  • Print and PDF of Fantastic Dungeon Grappling ($9)
  • At least one FDG Bookmark. ($3 to $35, depending on quantity)

So if you want everything, select Viking Raider, and then pledge $77 (one bookmark) to $109 (25 bookmarks)

Not too late for Retail Viking

Four copies each of Hall of Judgment and Citadel at Nordvorn. Combined with a Retail pledge over on Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2, and you’ve got months of entertainment in a box, with more on the way later this year from Gaming Ballistic!

Bring that to the attention of your Favorite Local Game Store (but do it fast! DFM2 ends at just after 5pm Central Time!)

Add-on Options

You can always buy stuff without adding money here in Backerkit. But if you add now, you help achieve stretch goals.

You will have the options to add the following cool stuff in Backerkit:

  • Extra copies of Citadel ($14 PDF; $28 print; $35 bundle)
  • Fantastic Dungeon Grappling laminated bookmarks ($3 for 1, $10 for 5, $15 for 10, and $35 for 25; bookmarks in quantities of 5+ will be shipped in pages with five different pieces of art on them!)
  • Hall of Judgment ($12.50 PDF; $25 print; $30 bundle). There was an error on the original add-on listing; I’ve reduced the price.
  • Dungeon Grappling ($7.50 PDF; $20 Bundle). Finally, grappling rules that don’t suck for players of That Other Game (5e, OSR, or PFRPG).
  • Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) ($13 PDF; $26 Print; $33 Print+PDF bundle). This is Hall of Judgment pre-converted for you to the Dragon Heresy RPG.
  • Dragon Heresy Introductory Set ($20 PDF; $50 Hardcover Print; $60 Print+PDF bundle). The original system book for the setting being explored in Citadel at Nordvorn and Hall of Judgment. Gorgeous sewn-binding, 3mm cover . . . this is one of the best-printed books you’ll handle. If your friends play 5e but you want more tactical flexibility a la Powered by GURPS . . . this is your jumping off point. May be expensive to ship out of the USA, as all my inventory is in the States.
  • The Battle Shield of Torengar ($500). A hand-made shield made as close to the specs of actual finds as I can make it. Can be up to 35.5″ diameter, will be hide faced-and-backed, and likely 5.5 to 6.5 lbs total. This costs over $1,000 to ship outside the USA (yes, really), so it’s only available in the USA.

Offset Print Run Goal

The last goal that’s within reach (unless we add $10,000 in the next three days!) is the offset print run. Based on past Kickstarter performance . . . it’s not crazy. However, it’s a LOT of books, so the best way to get this done is to ensure lots of physical copies of Citadel are on the list. At some point, stretch goal or no, it’s just cheaper to go for the nicer printing . . . but I need to be ordering well over 600 books to make that work.

But it’s not crazy. 150 folks are PDF only. Nearly 380 people are following the campaign but have not yet backed. That’s an “actual plus latent” amount of nearly $35,000. So even that last stretch goal of 144 pages is not out of reach.

Wouldn’t that be something?