Looking for a Layout Pro for a fast-turn project

I’m looking for some names and recommendations for what I hope will be a quick-turn project.

What is it?

Domstallin: Lost Hall of Tyr is what became of my “Grappling Smackdown” demo that I ran at the IGDN game hall for GenCon. I have expanded it into a full, if linear, scenario.

What’s the status?

The manuscript stands at 16,571 words, and I expect it to change a bit as I finalize the document. It has already been copy edited by John Adamus. I expect to have the true “final” manuscript ready to rock by the end of this weekend.

The manuscript is in Word 2013, in .docx format, and has extensive use of Styles for easier import.

Oh, you want to know more?

The cover design will mimic the DG cover: 3/4 spread art, left back cover being text, logos in approximately the same places, etc. I think I have templates for this too, and if I don’t, will get them. The PFRPG and S&W logo will not appear on the back cover. Font choice is open. Color scheme for the left text bit is open, as is the graphic. Definitely don’t have to do parchment!

Here’s a monster stat block from DG. I also have a monster stat block that’s much more involved for Dragon Heresy.

You can see the pattern for the Dragon Heresy layout, but I think it’s over-much for this transitional book.

The image does provide an upper bound for detail, as well as a feel for the type of layout that Dragon Heresy will have.


The adventure is designed to be support for Dungeon Grappling. It exists in the world setting that is the backdrop for Dragon Heresy. As such, I have some thoughts on making the layout a bit of a thematic springboard from the existing Dungeon Grappling layout:

What will be different? Well, a lot. The color scheme should be rocks and mountains and and winter, not caverns and parchment. The borders should be nordic knotwork (it need not be complex or as stylized as the DH image above), not a “dungeon boxing ring.” I’d like to do more work with icons and graphics, and my “box text” I have some specific ideas to share.

And yet and yet . .  the overall feel of the DG book is solid and has been very well received by the folks that have purchased it.

So two INDD files/templates will be provided for reference. I own them both (layout is work-for-hire) and so you can use them as you like as part of the project. The Dungeon Grappling file above, as well as a nice start on the Dragon Heresy layout, which can be mined for inspiration should one choose. Vector files of my 5e logo will be made available; I think my Gaming Ballistic log is a raster.

I’m hoping to rip a bit of a page from Fragged Empire and use some nordic iconography to draw the reader’s eyes to key bits. The “encounter numbers” from the manuscript will probably be in viking-style shields, for example.

The document will need to be layered and hyperlinked (both templates already have this), and I’ve got some specifics about what that will be.

Work Process

After we get through the contract (I have my own format and terms), I like to work in phases.

  • Phase 0 is a commitment payment from me: an advance to show I’m serious about it and to establish the route by which payment is made (paypal, whatever) functions.
  • Phase 1 is a template, showing the basic layout scheme. That will usually require iteration. Template completion gets a chunk of cash.
  • Phase 2 is a manuscript pour, where the file is dumped into the template, and mandatory and aesthetic art holes are put in. Target is 32 pages if we can hit it. A prelim pour into the DG template shows it as 20-21 as-is, so there should be room for my mandatory art (maps, important setting/encounter visualization elements) plus some aesthetic filler. More money at this point.
  • Phase 3 is the kickstarter, where I do art direction and contract for art based on the trajectory of the thing. A book this short I can probably float out of my checkbook, but I’ll Kickstart anyway for reasons. This is mostly waiting 3-4 weeks to see how we do.
  • Phase 4 takes the final art and we assemble a manuscript. I don’t think a ePUB or MOBI version will be required for this one; it’s not a reference book. Cover file and POD-ready and PDF files are the output. Final payment comes here.

Still Interested?

If so, please contact me directly at gamingballisticllc at gmail dot com. Include a link to your portfolio in your email, and let me know of your estimate for the job.

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