Yay, I get to play in another GURPS campaign!

I’ll be joining +Christian Blouin and diverse others in his Reclaiming Khazad-dum campaign as of tonight.

I’m very excited. It’s another fantasy-style campaign, but this one is pure GURPS (Tolkien based) rather than Golarion with GURPS. So we’ll see what flavor is there.

Also, this group has decided to play using the Technical Grappling rules, and that will be fantastic to see how my rules are used in play. That being said, as the author, I sent this note to the group:

One quick note to the group, since I understand you (might be?) using the Technical Grappling rules. I will answer questions and I will offer opinions ONLY IF ASKED. Otherwise, it’s Christian’s game, and his word is the last one and the only one. Rule Zero.

I take this seriously, since my role is not to nitpick or play rules guy. It’s to play a Dwarf.

A Dwarf with -121 points of Disads. Holy Buckets. I’ll be borrowing a PC-turned-NPC for tonight’s session. I’m not sure how much they’ll affect play, though:
  • Curious (12)
  • Duty, Hazardous (12)
  • Dependents (Relatives, Freq-6) 
  • Dwarven Crafts Ineptitude
  • Enemies (Large Group of Less Powerful Individuals – The Human Kingdom he harrassed) (Freq-6)
  • Intollerance (Non-Dwarves)
  • Selfish (12)
  • Secret (No Dwarven Talent; Embarrassing, 6)
  • Obsession (start his own line and dynasty)
  • Reputation -4 Monster(x2/3 everone but dwarves; automatic recognition)
  • Workaholic
We’ll see. It’s still a lot of Disads to remember. Looking forward to the test drive. It’ll also be fun to see how Roll20 and GURPS combine.

4 thoughts on “Joining Orbs and Balrogs!

  1. My ability to remember rules goes out the windows once I start GMing. So I tend to fudge a lot even though I don't think it desirable.

    I give a lot of latitude when creating characters. Justin had a crazy and interesting concept and I vetted disad piecemeal without keeping track of the tally. With hindsight, only the disads that affect the campaign should be credited. Although they should all be listed. In the end, I made Drolf sweat a bit and I don't think that this affected the game.

  2. Welcome to the game, Doug. Don't let Christian scare you with his "rules go out the window" nonsense. Thats just not true. He is a great GM and knows the rules very well, but more importantly, he knows how to run the game and do it the right way when the rules done fit or make sense! Will see you tonight as Drolff (Ive always thought that Dwarf was a little 'on the edge') and hope you can maneuver him from the literal edge before he falls! Can't wait to meet your new character!

  3. I look forward to seeing any report of the game. I always thought Tolkien would work well with GURPS.

    Hope to hear of some troll or balrog wrestling, or at least someone being grappled and cast off a bridge or into a well!

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