Omnusl Reviews Dungeon Grappling – receives passing grade

After forwarding a preview copy to him, he read through it and delivers his feedback. Overall, he gives me a passing grade on aesthetics and layout, writing and editing, mechanics, and value. He put his money where his review was, too, and backed the project.

Some commentary:

  1. The Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter ends on Monday, December 5lady-and-the-minotaur
  2. I have enough faith in the trajectory that I have asked my artists to bypass black-and-white art and proceed directly to color for all interior artwork. I put my first complete work of art the page it was designed to sit in in a prior update.
  3. The print version (as you say, $23) also comes with a copy of the PDF, as well as a black and white, no-art, yes-tables eBook format for small screens and tablets.
  4. Fair point on the need for pre-work; the good news is one you HAVE that pre-work, you just play. This does give me an idea for a follow-on product – a table of monsters with Grapple DC, damage, and Control thresholds listed.
  5. I have redone the Quick Reference pages in the back of the book for more usability; there have also been some layout changes for the same purpose throughout the book to make uptake of the rules even better.

I will hopefully be able to show more finished art, and some of the sketches (half are in sketch mode, half pending), in upcoming updates.

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