Brainstorm Successful: Swords and Wizardry Stats included

I had a brainstorm last night, and realized that (no surprise) I was over-thinking the conversion of Lost Hall of Tyr to Swords and Wizardry.

As a result, I will be including conversion notes for S&W players in the release of the game. No stretch goal required, just added utility.

This will definitely take two forms:

  1. A short monster stat block will provided as a boxed text in what used to be white space in the Bestiary with the simplified stats required to run the creature with the S&W rules.
  2. Guidance is provided on how to finesse skill tests from 5e into attribute rolls for OSR games . . . assuming that the GM doesn’t just say “player skill!” and wave that all away.

How to incorporate the S&W dungeon grappling concepts is a bit of a work in progress. I may provide a one-page PDF handout for that, since it’s simpler than the 5e version.

So, if the OSR is your thing, you have more reason to back the project or perhaps even increase your pledge!


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