Lost Hall: Second Best Day of the Campaign!

We had a fantastic day yesterday, and the weekend in general was wonderful. We pushed well past the original $3,500 stretch goal (though that’s now irrelevant because we’re getting that anyway) and there’s still 15 hours to go – the campaign closes at 10pm CST.

As we head into the final hours, a reminder:

  • Gaming Ballistic will handle PoD printing through PubGraphics. I’ve raved about their qualitybefore.
  • It will of course be made available on DriveThruRPG
  • It will have Swords and Wizardry support baked in, with conversion notes either in boxes or sprinkled through the rules as appropriate
  • It will probably still feature maps as art in a few places, but I’ll have to look at the final economics of the entire thing and see.

So that’s it – spread the word and let’s see if we can have a great last day!

If you haven’t pledged: the Lost Hall of Tyr is waiting to be found!


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