GURPSDay Summary Mar 2, 2018 – Mar 8, 2018

Blergh. Habby GURPthDay, but blerg. Sick. Tired. Full day of work. But at least we’ll have GURPS.

Welcome to GURPSDay 2018, and the fourth year – GURPSDay started in February 2013, only a year after I started Gaming Ballistic.

We’re currently drawing content from 98 blogs. We are so very, very close to having 100 GURPS blogs.

We still need your help. And if you just started a GURPS blog – and I know that some of you have – email me and get on the list! With the advent of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, Powered by GURPS, there’s even more reason to write.

How? Two action items: post more, recruit more. It’s really that simple. More posters is more posts, and more interest in GURPS.

Below you can find the blog activity for the last week. There’s a whole lotta awesome GURPS going on. Read all the posts.

Not every blog posts about GURPS every week, but some are ridiculously prolific! The list is randomized, so different bloggers will be highlighted at the top of the post each week.

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Olympus RPG Group (The Olympus RPG Group)

  • Porozlo News Report (324-1122) (3/07/18) – First installment of my intended weekly ‘flavor’ news reports that I’m going to be doing to make the campaign world feel more ‘lived in’ and with a sort of planetary personality. Any similarities to real-world events or news reports is entirely intentional…
  • GURPS: Traveller, “The New Deal” Session 4.07 (3/04/18) – Seventh episode of the fourth “season” for our ongoing GURPS: Traveller campaign. While on Porozlo, the crew digs deeper into the mystery of their former crewmate’s disappearance only to find the rabbit hole getting deeper…

Dr. Kromm’s GURPS Livejournal (“Sean “”Dr. Kromm”” Punch”)

Mailanka’s Musings (Daniel Dover)

The Gaming Musings of a Mad GM (Ken DeLyzer)

Dark Paths and Wandered Roads (Jason Woollard)

  • Wandered Roads 46 (3/03/18) – The Heroes of Sandpoint battle vampire mists and demons, find magic paint and continue trying to unravel the puzzle of the Lady’s Light. The ongoing adventures of the Heroes of Sandpoint in our Wandered Roads of Varisia GUPRS campaign.

Frak Frel and Other F Words (Rigil Kent)

  • Game Prep: Farming Out Recurring Locations (3/07/18) – Musing out loud about issuing “homework” to players to come up with two recurring Locations in the gameworld similiar to how Fate RPG does Faces & Places. Considering idea of bonus CPs for participation to be spent toward Contacts in those Locations.
  • Game Prep: Traveller, 4.08 (Part Deux) (3/05/18) – Making plans for the 8th session of our ongoing game. No real stats abused although I do juggle some numbers. Also got a tweaked image of the planned tactical encounter area.
  • Game Prep: Monsaanti-Neogene Assault Team Member (3/05/18) – Stating out some generic 150-point bad guy soldiers. Stats definitely abused. References to Space and Ultra-Tech.
  • Game Prep: Traveller, 4.08 (3/05/18) – Making plans for the 8th session of our ongoing game. Some stats abused and solid references made to Action and Ultratech along with lots of pretty pictures. As normal, this is mostly stream of consciousness that will eventually become the session notes proper.
  • Recap and GM Notes: Traveller 4.07 (3/04/18) – Musing about the GURPS: Traveller game I ran on 3/3/18. Includes a link to the YouTube recording of our stream. No stats abused.
  • Game Prep: “Roxy,” Corporate Troubleshooter (3/03/18) – Stating out ‘Roxy,’ a corporate troubleshooter the PCs are dealing with. Stats definitely abused. References to Bio-Tech and Martial Arts.
  • Game Prep: Security Drone (3/02/18) – Stating out a standard security drone. Stats abused. References to Transhuman Space: Shell-Tech and GURPS: Ultra-Tech.

Generic Universal Eggplant (Enraged Eggplant)

Testsujin no Llama (Matt Riggsby)

Ostarys Tactics (Archon Shiva)

Salty Grognard (Iceland)

Chain Link and Concrete (M. Eversberg II)

Dungeons on Automatic (Kyle Norton)

Dungeon Fantastic (Peter Dell’Orto)

n-Body Politics (kreios)

Daydreams of a Dragon (Dragondog)

Gaming Ballistic (Douglas Cole)

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