Dragon Heresy Progress Report: Things moving along well

Well, the Dragon Heresy Kickstarter has funded. So that means that even with some “oops, I had a financial crisis” type stuff, we’re far enough in with long enough to go that I felt comfortable getting stuff moving.

Layout and Editing

As such, I have initiated the editing work. I’ve hired Vince Harper, who has worked extensively with Broken Ruler Games‘ Todd Crapper, to edit Dragon Heresy. He has all of the files.

(Todd did my layout on Lost Hall of Tyr, and we have become friends and collaborators.)

Anyway, that’s going on right now, during the Kickstarter. Speed is good.

I also got some nice work back from Michael on new layout for monsters, and I think I’ve got what we need.

This first one is a snapshot of the entry for Goblins. We’ve got smallish goblins, larger hobgoblins, and hobs bred for nothing but war and battle. The left column can support some art, as well as what will be a recurring theme in each entry: Identify Fiend or Foe.This will cover using the various skills (Nature, Religion, Arcana, Survival, History, etc.) that might provide tactically useful information, so that GMs and players can resolve some of that. These sorts of tidbits also provide insight into unique things about each creature.

Here’s a second one, on some undead:

You can’t really do Norse mythology without Vaettr and Raiðr. The Vaettr are dangerous, CR 3 foes, and that’s all by their lonesome. If they show up in groups, worry. If they show up in groups, with additional zombies they’ve created . . . run.

More Podcasts

I’m currently setting up two more podcasts and interviews. One with Matt Finch, who invited me on his show during the Tavern Chat yesterday.

The second . . . may be more interesting. No promises yet, but I’m working with the Delve Podcast guys and trying to see if we can do a short actual-play example.

Mostly, I want to try and kill ’em all. With Dragon Heresy, if they decide to just wade into the fray, I will certainly be able to do so.

Mwa. Ha. Ha.

Talk to y’all later!

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