Dragon Heresy Kickstarter Special Offer: TAX SHIELD!

In the USA, April 15th is Tax Day, the day by which one must file their income tax return

From right now until April 15th ends, I will offer a special “Tax Shield” offer on the Dragon Heresy Kickstarter.

If you pledge at the Skjald-hirð level between now and the end of April 15th, you will receive a $50 credit in Backerkit once the campaign ends.

These are pretty close to what the skjald-hirð level gets. The one on the right is my new personal shield, with an extra-large boss I happened to have on hand due to a mistake of the “measure twice, cut once” variety early on in my career.

The one on the left is about 31″ in diameter, good for someone about 5′ – 5’6″, and will be donated to a charity fund-raiser. I’ve got another shield in the works that’s a lower-level model than these (no rawhide edging, but yes stitching) that will also be donated.

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