Heretical Christmas Giveaway at Tenkar’s Tavern

Each year for a while now, Erik Tenkar hosts “The 12 Days of OSR Christmas.”

As The Mixed DM and others have noted that Dragon Heresy is “a 5e system with an OSR feel,” I figured I’d offer to give away six copies of Dragon Heresy as part of his event. The first give-away is today, with one to follow every other day from there.

OSR Christmas – Day Two

Just leave a comment on the thread and you might win something; and a copy of Dragon Heresy is part of the mix.

4 thoughts on “Heretical Christmas Giveaway at Tenkar’s Tavern

  1. Hi! Had a great time playing Hall of Tyr at Gameholecon with you. The setting intrigued did the Dragon Heresy book I flipped through.

    1. Thanks, Ryan! It was a pleasure to play with you, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Make sure you comment on Erik’s site (not mine) to enter the drawing to win stuff!

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