Lost Hall 2e: Cleared for Takeoff by Kickstarter

This was never really in doubt, because “not my first rodeo,” but I’ve got the go-ahead to launch at any time. Lost Hall 2e Kickstarter is go!

Thanks to good feedback from multiple parties, some of my original plans and offerings have changed. This includes

  • Additional reward tiers, including $1, $5, and a $650 level
  • Viking shields added to the lineup if you’re feeling bold
  • Shifting the order of the goals and the funding target: maps are now first at $1300, and ever-improving print options, up to and including a full-on hardcover offset print follow that initial goal
  • Estimates of number of backers to hit each goal have been provided (spoiler: 300 folks will take us the entire way to the highest stretch goal if they only do print copies; 228 Print+PDF backers. This completely neglects elite tier opt-ins.)
  • Did I mention viking shields? These are my best yet: quarter-sawn poplar, hide facing, backing, and edging, etc.

Check out the update:

Lost Hall of Tyr (2nd Edition) Kickstarter Preview

I suspect that I’ll spend tonight re-working the video I made for Hall of Judgment to highlight the differences between 1e and 2e as well as a quick overview of the adventure concept, and launch either Thursday or Friday.

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