More Perilous Journeys: Ends TODAY at 10pm Central

“We’re in the Endgame now.”

Aw, snap! The Kickstarter is almost over! In the next half-day or so, we’ll see how many of the still-over-400 followers who haven’t yet backed the project jump on board.

We passed the critical 500-backer mark, so from here on out, every 10 backers increases the author pay past the base rate of 5 cents per word. I like this part of the campaign, honestly, because it really starts to reward the authors for their hard work. For several of them, the goal is very explicitly “hit 600 backers,” as that enables them to qualify the work for the Science Fiction Writers’ Association, which starts at 6 cents a word.

In any case . . . here we go! I’ll just be here hitting F5 a lot.

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