Dragon Heresy: List of Additional Content Possibilities

Stretch Goal Approaching Rapidly

As of right now, we are only $160 from passing the “Additional Content” Dragon Heresy Introductory Set Kickstarter stretch goal at $10,000, and the odds that we will pass that goal given a full week left seem good.

With that in mind, here are the options that will fill up the survey for “what do you want included?”


  • I have room for about 9,900 additional words, give or take
  • ALL the backgrounds together are about 9,400 words
  • There is no way to include ALL of the new classes
  • The new spellcasting classes will come with additional spells (of course) that are NOT included in wordcount.
  • The Warlock in particular will be particularly ugly; if this is a top choice other things may go by the wayside
  • The example of the Runic Barbarian has already appeared in an update/blog post
  • Most of the additional rules content falls into the category of highly optional rules. They’ll go into a section called “AppendX” as in “X-perimental”
  • The skald is a nordic bard; the trevinur is a nordic druid. Sorta.
  • The ranger is NOT a spellcaster or a shape-changer. There are scouts and skirmishers. If you want magic-using rangers you’ll want multi-classing

So, that’s it. The survey will ask that you give me your favorite 8,000-10,000 words to include. I’ll see what I can do to automate it a bit.

Options List

Type Detail Wordcount
Background Adept 682
Background Administrator 600
Background Arcane Neophyte 671
Background Bounty Hunter 622
Background Entertainer 602
Background Explorer 671
Background Merchant 696
Background Motivation, Cohesion, and Goal 515
Background Outlaw 769
Background Pariah 681
Background Peer of the Realm 719
Background Rake 728
Background Ruffian 665
Background Seer 760
Class Barbarian Path of Primal Runes 628
Class Cleric Domain (All) 2942
Class Cleric Domain (Death ) 322
Class Cleric Domain (Fate) 280
Class Cleric Domain (Fluidity) 421
Class Cleric Domain (Knowledge and Foresight) 418
Class Cleric Domain (Magic and Transcendance) 717
Class Cleric Domain (Storm) 365
Class Cleric Domain (Warding) 419
Class Paladin 3612
Class Ranger 1791
Class Rogue 2209
Class Skald 1910
Class Sorcerer 2239
Class Trevinur 2877
Class Warlock 3510
Class Wizard School of Essense, Mischief 404
Feats Feats 3711
Race Elf 2143
Race Gnome 1386
Race Tiefling 1176
Rules Additional Fighting Styles 242
Rules Alternate Attunement 1080
Rules DEX and STR in combat 593
Rules Flanking and Facing 489
Rules Lethality Switches 466
Rules Multi-classing 1500
Rules Shield Size and Type 1094
Rules Stacked Advantage 976
Rules Under the Hood Design Notes 440
Rules Weapon Heft 171


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