Lost Hall: Final Cover Image is in!!

Juan Ochoa has been my partner in crime on a lot of the work at Gaming Ballistic. He did some of the original images on the pre-visualization art for Dragon Heresy long  before the Kickstarter happened, and has contributed between “some” (Dungeon Grappling) and “a whole lot” (every other book) of art since, including the cover of the original Lost Hall, Hall of Judgment, and the update of the cover for the 2nd Edition of Lost Hall, the original version of which you’ve all seen. But now, the final cover image is in!
Here’s the first one:
Original Lost Hall 2e Cover Composition
Original Lost Hall 2e Cover Composition

He never really liked it though. The color balance was off, he didn’t like our spear-wielder’s face, and a few other things. We talked about it, and he said he didn’t like it enough that he didn’t want to look at it on the final product – he knew he could do better.

We chatted about the new version, and then . . . he went away.

And now he’s back, just in time to upload a new cover on this last day of the Backerkit phase. Good timing, that.

I like this one. I like the extra detail on the spear-wielder, the increased detail on the undead, and keeping fewer figures in the image.

I hope you like it too – this will be the one that goes to print.

Which reminds me: back to work for me!

We are less than $500 away from getting to a lay-flat, sewn-binding softcover book on glorious 105# (157gsm) matte paper. $1500 from getting it in hardcover. If you’re a retailer, there are some “buy two book-bundles” and “buy four book bundles” pre-discounted for resale. Ten four-book (4 each of Dragon Heresy and Lost Hall 2e) bundles get us the hardcover. Three or four get us the softcover. We are truly close.

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