Four (FIVE!) Perilous Journeys: Yesterday was nearly unreal

Holy Wow.

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I mean, I was listening to y’all, and I thought I heard what you wanted. Thanks for supporting my attempt to give it to you!

Just for perspective, we increased the funding total on Four Five! Perilous Journeys by 22% in one day. That day was in the middle of the campaign, as well, when the daily total is usually about 1/10 the average of the first two days. In our case, we increased campaign funding by $4,220 against an expected baseline of about $520.

That, as they say, ain’t bad.

What now?

Now the real work truly begins. This weekend I’ll be laying down art direction for the two finished books, and editing the heck out of the unfinished ones. We’re adding a few new monsters and some variations to enhance the unpredictability of one of them, and boosting the “player facing” nature of the other. All good stuff; these are going to be fun to play.

I’ll also be making a few trial NPC/Monster cards for demo. As I’ve said before, SJG has been VERY generous with their stuff, so the backs of these cards will be identical to those of Decks of Destiny. And when I say “identical,” I mean they provided me the actual design files. So.

Now that I know I’ll be doing cards, tokens, and back-cover art, that massively helps me spec out the art direction. I’ll be reaching out to folks over the next few days to get it done. Each book will be given to a different artist, both to make each one visually distinctive, but also to speed time to completion.

Likewise, cartography. I’ll be getting this rolling as well.

October? Really?

Pretty sure, yes. Giving David time to write the fifth adventure pushed the schedule back by 2-3 weeks, but that took it from “projected October 2 or earlier” to “Projected October 31 or earlier.” So: still October.

Things could, of course, go pear-shaped. They could also accelerate. Wacky fun, is Kickstarter.

Thanks Again; Spread the Word

We’ve funded, passed stretch goals, and things are kicking along. The appreciation for the new pledge tiers is great . . . but if you want to help your authors, please spread the word of the campaign and the recent changes! They are (as of the time of this writing) 10 backers away from getting another bump-up in pay – you’ve increased their per-adventure share of the rewards by 70% already. I really hope we can bring in at least 150 more people – 600 backers is my current record, and I want to beat it! Also, at that point, the authors pay rate is 2.4 times the initial rate.

There’s no cap on that. If we hit 1,250 backers, they get paid five times base price. Rising tide lifting boats and all that.

So: please spread the word!

And Thank You!

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