Hall of Judgment (Softcover Print for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG)

$28.00 $14.00

Hall of Judgment is set in the barbarian lands of the north (predictably called Norðlond). It is designed to evoke the feeling of a Nordic/Viking culture without specifically invoking Norse myth and legend.

  • The print version is printed on gloriously luscious 140gsm (93#) silk-coated matte paper, with a sturdy soft cover, in 8×10″ form factor to fit neatly inside your Dungeon Fantasy RPG boxed set.
  • This product is a micro-setting and scenario for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (Powered by GURPS)
  • It features non-linear adventuring for 4-6 250-point characters
  • Explore a Viking-flavored world trekking through cold, harsh mountains, facing dangerous faerie, and searching for a lost holy place, and the priceless relics within
  • Easily portable and usable with any GURPS Fantasy campaign

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