You got your Technical Grappling in my Dungeon Fantasy

+Peter V. Dell’Orto gives a play report on how, despite what you might think, GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling makes Dungeon Fantasy more awesome, rather than less.

In fairness, he and I developed a huge treatment of this subject on our own, so it’s not “out of the box” ready to go, but it wasn’t that close.

Highlighting some stuff again:

  • TG makes grappling incremental and non-binary, which is more fun, more dramatic, and stretches disbelief less
  • Monsters that bite and hold are scary and cool with TG. Not so much with the rules as they are written. 
  • If you choose, the options for spending CP and using them to do crazy stuff (move people around, grab and smash, make attacks easier to hit on the attack or easier to dodge on defense) add on seamlessly and provide a lot of fun
  • Tentacle beasts are scary again. 

Anyway, if it’s good for DF, it’ll be good for most other genres out of the box.

So go read Peter’s stuff. Then check out my book, because grappling should be as awesome in game as it can be in real life.

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