Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter – Goes live tomorrow, on schedule

With no small amount of gratitude to

  • The fine folks at CyberLink for making PowerDirector 15 just that easy to learn and use
  • Alex Raymond for gifting me with the use of the most excellent The Renegade Song score
  • Christopher Rice for pointing me toward Alex, his blitzkrieg indexing, and detail-oriented editing pass
  • Emily Smirle for an awful lot of computer cycles used to make the 3D rendered background and project image
  • Phil Reed and Hunter Shelbourne for showing me how a Kickstarter needs to be run via the DFRPG, and also proving that there’s money to be had for good work
  • Nathan Paoletta for doing layout to schedule, so I could include samples of the actual product in the Kickstarter pitch
  • My playtest team, including Peter, Luke, Patrick, Brian, Fred, Cole, and others for doing a fine, fast pivot from Dragon Heresy to make this product a reality
  • David Pulver and Alexander Macris for encouraging me to run down this pathway
  • KC for telling me I should absolutely not do it, which made me think very hard about my plans; this product and the next one will be better for it
  • Ken Hite for outstanding feedback on the Kickstarter prep package
  • And last and greatest, my wife, who put up with my writing and operated the camera for the video shoot

the Kickstarter will go live tomorrow, on schedule.

With luck, and no small degree of planning, “on schedule” will be the watchword here.

What am I looking for?

  • $1,500 gets the basic PDF with 16 piece of black and white art
  • [Stretch A] $2,000 gets an eBook format
  • [Stretch B] $4,000 gets 20 pieces of full-color art
  • [Stretch C] $5,000 gets a full-color custom cover

If we smash the stretch goals, I will likely cast a greedy eye on a hardcopy, in 6×9 or A5 format instead of 8.5×11, laid out in a single column instead of two. That would be large enough to perfect bind rather than saddle stitch.

Let’s do this.


One thought on “Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter – Goes live tomorrow, on schedule

  1. I pretty much only play GURPS these days but will see what I can do to help support you on the Kickstarter! I want to see you successful with this and the next project! Good luck!

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