The Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter is now LIVE!


The Dungeon Grappling Kickstarter is now live

What is it?

First and foremost, this book contains rules based on Open Gaming Licence content from several editions of the industry’s most popular RPG to make grappling fun, exciting, and easy to play.dungeon-grappling-cover-mockup-2

It contains rules and examples from three different flavors of the most popular fantasy RPG – from S&W, PFRPG, and Fifth Edition – in order to finally give grappling its due as a method of combat.

It’s a short supplement – right now it clock in at about 40 pages

Don’t take this short blurb as entire story, though – go read the pitch.

How Risky is This?

Given the manuscript is done, the layout is well advanced, the indexing is in the process of being entered into layout . . . the only thing that is not done is the art.layout-example-1

And that’s what the Kickstarter is for.

I’ll be spreading the 16 (or 20, if stretch goals are hit) pieces through four artists, so each one will be making 4-5 pieces each. The art direction will start as soon as the project funds at the basic level, so delivering on or ahead of schedule should be achievable unless something truly unforeseeable happens.

Please help me out

This is Gaming Ballistic’s first product, deliberately small to get experience with the process and show people that I’ve got the project management chops to handle it and deliver on time.

That being said – this is the real deal. I’m excited about this product and I think it’s at least as good as any such rules that have been published to date, and better than most. I’ve been using them with great success in my trial campaigns since February for Dragon Heresy, and the “control point” methodology formed the core of GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling, which Peter Dell’Orto uses to great effect in his Felltower Campaign, which you can read about over on Dungeon Fantastic.

So I’d very much appreciate your support. And I’d really appreciate your sharing it everywhere that you can, because folks can’t buy it if they don’t know it’s there.


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