Dungeon Grappling – Update #5 (Print now available!)

Print at last! Print at last!fight-book

Gaming Ballistic is pleased to offer Dungeon Grappling as a premium, print-on-demand version for those that want a physical product.

I was nervous about this, but DriveThruRPG has the costs well understood, so I feel that using them to deliver a physical product is low risk to both backers and me.

There are five new levels, giving you the option of purchasing one to five copies of the physical product. Each physical copy also comes with a companion PDF.

Enjoy . . . I can’t wait to get far enough into the process where I can create a proof and get one of these in my hands, either. I’ll post photos when I do.

Three caveats:the-brute-squad

1. I don’t control shipping rates or times. Some destinations, such as Australia, can take up to 10 weeks to deliver. Other places are a few business days.

2. I really don’t control customs fees you might have to pay when it shows up at your door. So please be aware that that is not included in your pledge, though the actual product and shipping costs are.

3. The list of countries listed is a good sample, but DTRPG has a lot of places listed. If you’re not from one of those, send me a message, I’ll do my homework, and add a new country to each tier. But as Mr. Miyagi once said . . . first see Rule #1 and Rule #2.

We are very close to funding – only about $125 remaining until we can pass the basic level and then start taking aim at stretch goals. I hope the addition of physical copy helps people decide to buy in!


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