Dungeon Grappling: Four Days to Go . . . please check it out!

And I would fly 10,000 miles . . .

Just a bit of a head’s up. I’ll be in Thailand for business for the next two weeks. Unavoidable. So for the next two days, I’ll be intermittent in my connectivity depending on where I am (though oddly enough, the WiFi on long-haul airliners is pretty darn good these days).

Combat Examples

Today I wrote 3,100 words of combat examples to tack on to the back of the Monsters chapter. That’s another six pages possibly, so I might need to trim that down. But it’s a mix of vignettes and actual turn-by-turn combat, with an example provided for each system discussed in the book. Some of the feedback I received back in the day for my other grappling book was a request for more examples, so I figured I’d try and get some in here too.

Trajectory and Reception

According to the Backer Tracker and Kicktraq, the project will close at around $4,500 or so taken in. Backer Tracker is allowing for a ridiculous hockey stick at the end, which would take the project to $6,000.

One can dream. I hope that we see a flurry of activity. Perhaps sharing the reviews and discussion with our RPG bretheren would help.

Some of the best:

If we get anywhere close to that $5,000 stretch goal, I’ll spring for the commissioned cover. You want it (I think), I want it – so spread the word and let’s go get it.

Finishing Touches

  • Art, art, and more art. That’s really what’s remaining.
  • Choose cover art and background, or commission custom cover
  • Edit and trim back-of-book text
  • Make appropriate barcode or barcode spaces for ISBN/EIN or the DTRPG SKU code
  • Place logos (Gaming Ballistic, 5e, S&W Compatible, Pathfinder) on back cover
  • Format final book into eBook, Print-ready PDF+Cover, hyperlinked PDF
  • Finish Backerkit survey prep, get photos in for add-on items
  • Ensure I precisely meet the terms of the S&W and Pathfinder compatibility rules. That’s worth triple-checking. Likewise with the appropriate OGL and copyright statements
  • Format table of contents

Really coming down to the end here, and the rate-limiting step is taking delivery of all the art. Half of that is in approved sketches (which are ridiculously better than “sketch” gives credit for. I’ll post a preview of them tomorrow).

I’ll hit the finishing hard. Kickstarter recommends waiting two weeks (that’d be Dec 19) before closing the project down, and then 10-14 days of Backerkit surveys (Jan2 or so) – I’ll be asking that folks get on that right away. As soon as that information is in and confirmed (both informationally and financially), and the art is finalized, I’ll first get the electronic copies of everything out to folks, then get a proof of the print book. When that’s checked out and validated as worthy, I’ll process the rest of those orders and get them in the mail.

Thanks for your patience, faith, and support in this project.

Now let me tell you about my next project . . . (OK. Too soon.)


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