GURPS Day Summary Apr 14 – Apr 20, 2017

Welcome to the second year of GURPSDay, and here’s the final pull for you guys.

We’re currently drawing content from 84 blogs. Only 16 more to go until we’re pulling from 100! But we’ll need your help.

How? Two action items: post more, recruit more. It’s really that simple. More posters is more posts, and more interest in GURPS.

Below you can find the blog activity for the last week. There’s a whole lotta awesome GURPS going on. Read all 41 posts as of 7pm CST.

Not every blog posts about GURPS every week, but some are ridiculously prolific! The list is randomized, so different bloggers will be highlighted at the top of the post each week.

As always, if you’re interested in having your blog consolidated here, navigate over to The Instructions Page and drop me a line. Take special note of the RSS Settings Fix if you’re on WordPress.

Generic Universal Eggplant (Enraged Eggplant)

Octopus Carnival (Ubiratan Pires Alberton)

PK’s Game Recaps and Tidbits (PK Levine)

Concrete Lunch Gaming (Bob Loftin)

Dungeon Fantastic (Peter Dell’Orto) (Moe Lane)

Ravens N’ Pennies (Christopher R. Rice)

Dice and Lives (Joel Sammallahti)

GURB- The Generic Universal Roleplaying Blog (The_RyujinLP)

RPG Jutsu (Merlin Avery)

Let’s GURPS (Pseudonym)

Game Geekery (“Warren “”Mook”” Wilson”)

  • Scattershot – April 2017 (4/14/17) – In this week’s Scattershot post, I post my thoughts on the current state of GURPS, the stakeholders report, the upcoming boxed Dungeon Fantasy boxed set, and the recent Print on Demand products; the growth of the Discord community and its use as a place to bring online GMs and Players together; and look forward to hopefully running some online Roll20 games in the next few months.

Mailanka’s Musings (Daniel Dover)

Gaming Ballistic (Douglas Cole)

World of Domibia (Canology)

Refplace (Rory)

One Yard Hex (Paul Stefko)

RogerBW’s Blog (Roger Bell-West)

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