Steve Jackson Games – Interviews on The Firing Squad

A lot of my “index pages” have gone the way of the dodo since my migration from Blogger to WordPress, and while I take time to fix that, I wanted to offer up something as a reminder and a bit of a throwback.

I have conducted quite a few interviews, some recently, some a while ago, with SJG staff and freelancers. Since the upcoming Dungeon Fantasy RPG (Powered by GURPS) game has passed some big hurdles and is headed off to print, perhaps in time for GenCon.

So with that, here are some interviews, in reverse date order. Some special things about them is that each of them has a text transcript – you can read them, listen to them (MP3), and/or watch them. For the most recent ones, I use post-production to try and do a bit of value add, showing products and images relevant to the conversation. But, without further ado, here’s the list of interviews with SJG folks and freelancers on The Firing Squad. (The PK/Hunter one wasn’t mine; it was a transcript with which I was gifted).

I’ve updated the older posts so the text flows better, but at the cost of losing some of the graphics. Trust me – it’s better this way.

Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set: Interview with Line Editor Sean Punch (Sept 7, 2016)
Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set – Q&A with Phil Reed (Aug 31, 2016)
Transcript: Hunter and PK talk After the End (June 2, 2016)
The Firing Squad welcomes Brian Engard (Feb 19, 2015)
Gaming Ballistic’s Firing Squad welcomes Hans-Christian Vortisch (Nov 27, 2014)
Gaming Ballistic’s Firing Squad welcomes Steve Jackson (Sept 5, 2014)
Gaming Ballistic’s Firing Squad: Interview with Kenneth Hite (Feb 1, 2014)
GB Firing Squad: Christopher Rice’s Pyramid Mentoring Group (Dec 22, 2013)
Gaming Ballistic’s Firing Squad: Leonard Balsera (Lead Designer for FATE Core) (Nov 6, 2013)
Gaming Ballistic Interview: Pyramid Magazine Panel Discussion (Oct 17, 2013)
Gaming Ballistic Interview: GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch (Sept 8, 2013)

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