Lost Hall of Tyr: Victory!

We passed the finish line last night with $4,055 pledged, which is a nice place to be.

In the next few days, I’ll be sending out a few emails letting you guys know a few things.

  • First, it’s my practice to really show you where the money’s going. I’ll post a complete financial cost/revenue update shortly.
  • I will also get Backerkit spun up. They will be handling my surveys, shipping cost estimates, etc.
  • Todd and I will be working layout and incorporating all of the existing and pending art assets into the book, which will rapidly move from “working” to “proof copy.”
  • The day the funds settle in Kickstarter, everyone who pledged for PDF copies of Dungeon Grappling will get them, no waiting. If you choose to add more in backerkit, you’ll get those at the end of the Backerkit period, which will last maybe 10-14 days – this will move quickly so I can close it and get you your stuff quickly.
  • Finally, the folks that pledged at the Stythja level will be contacted shortly and we’ll start making characters and I’ll send you your Dragon Heresy race/class preview packet.
  • Stythja levels will be available as Backerkit options, for what it’s worth – if you change you mind and really want a level 4-7 character as a pre-gen, with the writeup and illustration, it’s not too late.

For now, a deep breath, and a mustering of energy to sprint to the finish.

Thanks to everyone that made this happen!

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