Hall of Judgment: Boom! And that’s a wrap!

Amazing. I’m floored and thrilled by the response to this Kickstarter.

Let me be straight. I expected about 300 folks and $20 per pledge. That would have been a success for me. We landed 1/3 as many backers as the CORE RULES THEMSELVES.

That’s just wild, and I thank you for it: 525 Backers; nearly $16,000!

Next Steps

So there’s always something to do, and here’s what it will be.

As soon as physically possible, I’ll get the list of backers to my fulfillment partner. That will allow me to be MUCH more specific about shipping.

My printing contact comes back from vacation on Monday; I’ll ping him ASAP about getting all the final pricing details, and do one last comparison of all options.

I have some finalization of the draft to do, including two new backers for A Thegn of Your Own, which brings the total to 16 sample characters, I do believe.

I will prepare the Backerkit portion of the project and get that launched as soon as freakin’ possible. That more or less translates as “that portion goes live as soon as I have shipping costs.”

There will be some important questions on there. Finalizing shipping address is of course one of them. You will also have the opportunity to spend your pledge and buy add-ons if you like. One of the key questions is going to be “If I get another DFRPG license, what should I make?” Another will be “If that expands beyond the DFRPG, what would you like to see?” I’ll also ask if you’d like to be added to my mailing list. I don’t use it much, maybe monthly to give updates.

I guess that’s it! Sometime right about when I push the PDF to backers, I’ll come forward with my usual “where did the money go?” update that I always do, though I will need to be a bit vague about some things because not just my business.

In closing: Thank you, and I will endeavor to make this book worthy of your faith. And with that, hopefully earn your trust when I come back to do another.

I already have ideas. Plans, even.

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