Lost Hall of Tyr 2nd Edition Pre-Final PDF distributed

It’s Happening

The pre-final PDF for the 2nd Edition of Lost Hall of Tyr has just been distributed to everyone who ordered Lost Hall in all of my Kickstarters. Please take a look! Check it out, read it, see if you can find any typos (I left at least one as a test . . . can you find it?)I’m going to give a week or so to get error reports in the file so that the version that goes to print is as perfect as we can make it.

What can you do?

There are several things I need you to do if you get the new version:
  • Check your name in the Kickstarter backer list. I tried to keep the surveys blazingly short this time, so I used other information to credit you as a backer. See if I got it right. Email me at gamingballisticllc@gmail.com if I didn’t.
  • Check for typos. Please. My eyes blur over with too much staring at the screen.
  • Look for “oops, you forgot to convert that.” The 2nd edition of Lost Hall owes a lot to Hall of Judgment, which is Powered by GURPS. I think I got all of that converted back to Dragon Heresy . . . but since I’m so familiar with both systems, I might have missed a few.
  • Read it, comment on it, and review it. Ideally in public. We’re really not that far away from the big offset print run, and if you like the new version, please say so loudly and frequently.
  • Play it!! I can’t emphasize this enough, but the more it gets played, the better I’ll know what works (and I should repeat in the future), and what doesn’t.
  • Check for WTF moments in DCs. I’m pretty sure I got ’em right, but if there’s a TPK hidden in there or the thing’s a cakewalk . . . I kinda want to fix it.
  • Finally: Play it in 5e or Swords and Wizardry! It should be straight-forward, but if there’s a bit more conversion work that needs to be done, well, I’ve got a blank page at the end and I can do something, whether it’s a quick afterword or a more detailed conversion note.
  • Show it to your Favorite Local Game Store owners and buyers. A few retail purchases will get us to an even higher quality printing.

The Beginning of the End

The distribution of the pre-final PDF marks the beginning of the end of this campaign. I think we made a great book, and I’m thrilled how well Juan and Glynn delivered on their part of the tasks. Once we settle the PDF, I’ll send it to print. I expect a six to eight week turn-around if we go digital (as I expect), but if a few folks throw in for retail levels, or we get one or two shields . . . we’re there. That would push print receipt to the 12-16 week delivery zone, but we’ll ALL be happier with the result.Thank you so much for helping make this happen!
Oh . . . you don’t have it, but you want to?

It’s not too late to pre-order

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