Last 13 hours for Hall of Judgment


Things going very, very well for the Hall of Judgment Kickstarter heading into the last 14 hours! We passed $14,000 during the night, while I was getting a tiny bit of sleep. Not a lot, since there’s work to be done. But some.

Let’s share this around, hit as many as possible, get the word out, etc. It’s more effective if it comes from backers!

Layout Continues

I’m down to six monsters yet to do. Looking at the Thegn of Your Own level, I know I have characters from everyone but one, and he’s working on it.

That means that I have a bit of rules tweaking to do for Wilderness survival (the Powered by GURPS version needed more tweaking than initially intended), I  have to put some treasure in one encounter, and a few other odds and ends.

Then it’s time to re-playtest the thing at least once. Blindtest, really. Which brings me to:

Playtest Announcement

Call for Hall of Judgement playtesters, Playing on discord.

  • Text based so theater of the mind.
  • Using Pseudobot for rolling.
  • Starting NZ(UTC +12) 9-10PM.
  • Over 3 or 4 weeknights next week.
  • Using any of the Pregens from DFRPG or Hall of judgement for simplicity, testing and speed
  • Fair warning the GM is a parent and it is the school holidays
  • Message the user (E) on the gaming ballistic discord server if interested

If we get more testers than we can handle, priority will go first to highest pledge total, then to who backed first. But if you want to try out the adventure and the pre-gens, this is your shot to do so before publication.

More Shipping

Immediately after I posted my last update, more info came in to make me rethink. The now-128-page book makes things revise a bit. I was premature in stating what things would be. I’m going to look into several ways of getting this all done, but I won’t know what it is until next week. It’s really about, oddly enough, the best way to get the stuff to US backers. The “not the US” are easy and that’s settled in terms of how, if not precisely how much.

As soon as the campaign closes I can send my fulfillment partner the backer list, and we can start working up pricing options. I have a few novel ideas that might be the best of both worlds. As soon as I know, you’ll know shortly thereafter.

Finish Strong

I’m now very, very confident in PDF delivery by the first week in August, probably August 1. With the characters in hand, the monsters certainly finished by this weekend (maybe even tonight), and only a bit of writing clean-up to do, the list is pretty small. I’ve got a great prelim layout pass I’m still happy with, so I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

Please share and spread the word in these last critical 12 hours – the trend in Kickstarters I’ve seen has been an explosion in the last day, and here we are.

Hall of Judgment

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