Citadel at Nordvorn: A fantastic start

So . . . Hall of Judgment funded fast. Less than 12 hours to reach the $3,000 funding goal. Felt pretty good about that. Still do. My wonderful backers on The Citadel at Norðvorn passed that in just over three hours. Right now, in still less than the 12 hours it took for Hall of Judgment to fund, we’re running over 30% hotter than the first day’s rate. I’m . . . impressed.

So welcome aboard! I’m going to wear out my F5 key. Well, it’s an old keyboard anyway, and it will be sacrificed to good cause.

Regardless: thanks for jumping on early, and I can’t wait to see what the next two days bring.

In the meantime, even if you’re here . . . you can still help!

  • The Power of Networking. The usual re-shared that you guys have been doing on Twitter, a link to communities you’re part of on Facebook, Instagram, MeWe, Discord . . .whatever. As long as it’s not spam, ’cause that never helps.
  • Favorite Local Game Stores. One new-ish thing I’m doing with Nordvorn is I’m offering several retail levels. Three or four copies of Dungeon Fantasy RPG or my other books at more-or-less a 50% discount. Those are aimed squarely at retail shops, and if you have a local game store, bringing my work to their attention might help. It will certainly help with the overall visibility of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG product line, and the upcoming KS for Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 plus the boxed set reprint will help there too!
  • Blogs and Podcasts. I’ve reached out to some folks that I’ve podcast with before, and will be doing more. But if you run a podcast, or operate a blog . . . I’d love to answer your questions!

Stay tuned. I’ve got a really fun update for tomorrow morning – Sean Punch has graciously written another introductory Foreword to Citadel, as he did with Hall of Judgment . . . and it’s a heck of a read.

Until tomorrow!

By the way, for Hall of Judgment:

  • Day 1: Reached $3,300
  • Day 2: Reached $6,500
  • Day 24: Reached $13,000
  • Kickstarter Total: $15,793 from 525 backers

Crush your stretch goals, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their, um, actually, if we do that no one will be lamenting much. Onward!

In the meantime, watch the Nordvorn Updates page for sneak peaks and information. For example, tomorrow morning, I’ll be posting Sean Punch’s remarkable Foreword for the new book.

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