Offset Print run: PILLAGED, by Oðinn!

Son of a gun. We did it! So offset print it is. And with all of the Viking Raider pledges, I think I might need another batch of Hall of Judgment as well!

I’m going to publish the update below to a bunch of RPG sites. If folks want to come by (or post on your own!) and do a bit of a victory dance, I would not object a tiny bit.

Thanks for everyone who’s jumped in so vigorously. Even beyond that, this is nearly 50% more funding than Hall of Judgment, and that only had 525 backers. Let’s go rile up some folk!

The Kickstarter for the Powered-by-GURPS licensed adventure, The Citadel at Norðvorn, is in its final three hours. We just passed the stretch goal that includes an offset print run, which will see the book with a sewn, lay-flat binding and printed on 100-105# matte paper.

In the icy north of the realm, the dwarf-hewn fortress of Norðvörn anchors the defenses that ward against the predation of dragonkin and faerie alike. Three generations of relative quiet in the region have lulled the northerners and their defenders into a sense of stable peace.

That is about to change. Norðvorn needs your help.

The Citadel at Norðvorn is a licensed setting for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG. It consists of three major settlements, many small villages, at least one ruin, and two primary sources of conflict: The Hunted Lands to the northwest of The Palisade, and the Endalaus Forest, to the north and east of Audreyn’s Wall. Plus the lure of the endless wealth and magical treasure still lost in the Dragongrounds.

Within the book, find:

  • Detailed descriptions of Norðvorn and two important towns. Important locations and personalities. Culture and festivals. Places to live and shop.
  • Motivations and goals for key factions: the Wardens of Norðvorn, Faerie, Dragonkin, and foul fiends from Muspelheim and their human servitors.
  • The ruins of Elskadr, whose destruction woke threats from the dragonkin, and mystical forces long dormant.
  • Key NPCs and supporting cast, a bestiary, and an “instant village generator” for travel between towns.

This setting is easily portable to any game world needing a “wild Northmen” feel.

So go visit Norðvorn: Chaos is waiting for you.

The Citadel at Nordvorn funded over a week ago, and just passed it’s major stretch goal to deliver the offset print run! Back it now and push it farther! If you missed the prior work, Hall of Judgment, there’s a “Viking Raider” level starting at $65 that also includes that book. There’s also “Fantastic Dungeon Grappling” and other goodness on there.

Check it out!

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