Pathfinder read-through: Here we go/prelude

Over the next few days/weeks, I’ll be reading through the Pathfinder rules cover-to-cover and making comments. This serves two purposes – a very long series of blog entries, which since I like to post something fresh every day or so, is nice to have a go-to source for something to write. Also, I’ll be comparing it to GURPS a lot, since that is, and given my experience with Pathfinder thus far, will remain my system of choice.

Still, it will also help me learn Pathfinder, and since I play in +Jeromy French ‘s game, that can’t hurt.


Forward-looking links:

Pathfinder Core Rulebook

0.  Prelude
1.  Introduction
2.  Races

3a. Classes (Barbarian – Monk)
3b. Classes (Paladin – Wizard)

2 thoughts on “Pathfinder read-through: Here we go/prelude

  1. Looking forward to these installments, as someone who also plays Pathfinder on a weekly basis with friends just to have a game to play in a relatively GURPS-unfriendly environment.

    Keen to see what lessons you pick up from it that you can bring back to GURPS, especially. Just because it's laden with classes and levels, doesn't mean it can't be a fertile field for a more complex game to pull ideas from.

  2. The thing that strikes me about the Pathfinder engine (as a legacy from D&D) is that, unlike GURPS, it's a hodge-podge of special cases and one-off mechanics. Indeed, Pathfinder is better about this than D&D 3.*, doing things like combining trips/grapples/bashes/etc into one mechanic, but it still is far and away more composite than GURPS.

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