Pyramid Panel Discussion – interview complete, now processing

Successfully got two hours of raw video last night with +Steven Marsh , +Sean Punch , +David Pulver , J. Edward Tremlett, +Andy Vetromile, +Christopher Rice , and +Matt Riggsby for my Pyramid Panel interview for Gaming Ballistic. Did a bunch of editing last night, and the first draft is ready to be processed and transcribed.

Hangouts on Air worked just like I hoped it would, capturing all the video streams, showing the participants in the lower part of the screen, and allowing me to control who was in the main screen. We had some rough audio/video here and there, but not awful. Hopefully it’ll appear on my blog in a week or two!

It’s going to be a big file, over 800MB of video. This time, I know better and will make audio-only and (hopefully) text available at the same time, so those who want to watch can watch, listeners can listen, and readers can read.
Stay tuned. Hopefully this one will be as popular as my first, or more so: The interview with GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch (Video here, audio here, and text transcript here). 

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