Dragon Heresy: Fold and Gather samples arrived. Wow.

Fold and Gather samples for Dragon Heresy are here!

So, it’s one thing to look at individual pages. It’s one thing to look at a PDF on the screen.

It’s quite another to get the entire book very nearly as it will appear in my hands.

Without further blather on my part: pictures.

OK: one bit of blather. I cannot wait for the proofs and finals to be ready. This is going to be a book of which folks take notice. And y’all made it happen.

Lots more pictures below the break…


If the mood strikes you, feel free to point other folks to this update. After all, after all is said and done, I will have 1,250 spare copies of the book to move . . .

(Anyone want a great-looking book for their FLGS? Retail orders welcome . . . )

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