GURPSDay Summary Sep 15 – Sep 21, 2017

Thursday is GURPSDay and September nearly past. We saw the release of another Pyramid (Monster Hunters III, Pyr 3/107), the Dungeon Fantasy RPG is arriving at folks’ homes if they’re in the USA, with pictures, gushing, and reviews proliferating.

Welcome to the second year of GURPSDay, and here’s the pull for this week.

We’re currently drawing content from 89 blogs. Only 11 more to go until we’re pulling from 100! But we’ll need your help.

How? Two action items: post more, recruit more. It’s really that simple. More posters is more posts, and more interest in GURPS.

Below you can find the blog activity for the last week. There’s a whole lotta awesome GURPS going on. Read all the posts.

Not every blog posts about GURPS every week, but some are ridiculously prolific! The list is randomized, so different bloggers will be highlighted at the top of the post each week.

As always, if you’re interested in having your blog consolidated here, navigate over to The Instructions Page and drop me a line. Take special note of the RSS Settings Fix if you’re on WordPress.

Shane Plays (Shane Stacks)

Frak Frel and Other F Words (Rigil Kent)

  • Clean Slate, Chapter 3 Revision (Again) (9/20/17) – As my group is going to down a player for this Friday’s GURPS: Monster Hunters game, I’m scrambling to rework the planned session. References made mostly to High Tech and Basic. No stats were abused.
  • Revising the Climax of the Penthouse Fight (9/19/17) – Contemplations on revisions to this coming Friday’s plan for my GURPS: Monster Hunters game, at least with the first scene. References made to Dungeon Fantasy, Magic, etc. Page numbers for my references are included but no stats are abused.
  • Clean Slate, Chapter Three Planning (9/17/17) – Looking at this coming Friday’s plan for my GURPS: Monster Hunters game. References made to Action, a little of High Tech and Basic. No stats were abused.
  • GM Commentary for Session 6.02 (9/17/17) – Discussion of the second session of my GURPS: Monster Hunters game from a GM perspective. References made to Action, Dungeon Fantasy, High Tech, Monster Hunters (duh), and Basic. This is generally me reflecting on successes and failures.

Armin’s GCA 5 Blog (Armin Sykes)

Octopus Carnival (Ubiratan Pires Alberton)

Bat in the Attic (Rob Conley)

Dr. Kromm’s GURPS Livejournal (“Sean “”Dr. Kromm”” Punch”)

Dungeon Fantastic (Peter Dell’Orto)

Game Geekery (“Warren “”Mook”” Wilson”)

  • Handout for New GURPS Players (9/21/17) – A new handout for GURPS players who have never played before or are just getting their feet wet. Includes (most) maneuvers by type, effects of HP/FP loss, the range bands table, and (most) hit locations.

Generic Universal Eggplant (Enraged Eggplant) (Moe Lane)

Ravens N’ Pennies (Christopher R. Rice)

Gaming Ballistic (Douglas Cole)

Olympus RPG Group (The Olympus RPG Group)

  • GURPS: Traveller, “The New Deal” Session 3.14 (9/19/17) – Continuing our ongoing GURPS: Traveller campaign. Still trapped within the pocket dimension aboard the abandoned Sky Raider station, the crew reach the secure lowest level where they discover the source of the protomoss … and promptly make things worse…

Let’s GURPS (Pseudonym)

Mailanka’s Musings (Daniel Dover)

Northport (Denis McCarthy)

Testsujin no Llama (Matt Riggsby)

The Phantom’s Belch (Ted Brock)

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