Dragon Heresy: PDF rewards sent out

Today I pushed the “Blast Emails” button on the PDF for Dragon Heresy. It’s got the cover, hyperlinks and bookmarks, and I hope is as error-free as it could be.

Backers should find the notification in their email box.

I will be spooling out a gigantic file for upload to the printer today or tomorrow (the office in Hong Kong is closed tomorrow, so doing it early doesn’t make much sense).

It’s been a long journey to this point, but within a day the process of making the physical books will begin.

I’ll stage the PDF for release on my site and DriveThruRPG in a week or so; I need a breather first.

On the other hand: PDF promised end of July. Delivered 6wks early. Booyah.

Now I start cranking HARD on Hall of Judgment.

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