Dragon Heresy: And that’s a wrap

The manuscript is done

Final tally is just shy of 425,000 words, which will wind up being about 780 pages laid out. Likely split into two or three books.

Now final ‘scripts are off to Ken Hite for editing, and I’ll be looking at my current and extended contacts for a layout pro to make this every bit as pretty a book as Dungeon Grappling is.

Now . . . sleep, perchance to get eaten by kittens.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Heresy: And that’s a wrap

  1. Apparently that “eaten by kittens” thing was prescient. My 4mo kittens decided to do World Wide Feline Wrestling Federation on our bed last night at 1:30am. Fairly sure one of them got into a death match with her own tail.

    She lost.

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