Hall of Judgment: All books boxed and ready

This is likely the last fulfillment update. At least I hope so.

Hall of Judgment

I have either put into the mail, or have ready to drop off at 8:30am Monday morning, all ordered copies of Hall of Judgment and Dungeon Grappling. The ones going into the mail on Monday are 71 copies, which means roughly 190 are already away. This doesn’t include Dragon Heresy, which I deal with below.

The international orders have been arriving for some weeks now.

So, here’s the deal. If you haven’t received your copy by Sept 22, get in touch with me. Up until that point, there’s still room for “it’s in the mail.” After that, even the upper bound expectations mean it’s late, and we can do some gymnastics to figure out where yours is.

Both GURPS Mysteries and GURPS Horror (for 3e) are 128 pages. So is Hall of Judgment.GURPS Low-Tech is 160 pages and hardcover. Just for scale.

Dragon Heresy

Eleven backers decided to get a copy of Dragon Heresy in physical form. The other 517 of you are missing out on a gorgeous, luxurious book. Really. When I first held it in my hands, I shed a manly tear. It was that good. (Not nearly as good as holding my newborn daughters, though. Man has to have some perspective.)

Even so, two international books are either in the mail right now, or will be this coming week. As the proprietor of Dice Latte noted “these things were really thick!” and he had to order a special mailer.

For the US folks, the books are “on the water” and I expect to have them arrive at the distribution center on October 8, and a subset at my house a few days later.

(It’s actually not that straight-forward. They’ll be sent to a location with an actual loading dock, then I’ll borrow a large vehicle and transport them to my home, about 320 books worth, or 1,000 lbs or so. Each is about 3 lbs.)

So I expect to have the nine US-based folks who ordered Dragon Heresy sorted by the end of October, which also happens to be the date when physical orders were promised to those that backed the Dragon Heresy Kickstarter. So y’alls will arrive at the same time as theirs, and I haven’t forgotten about you.

Retail Orders

Once the final Hall of Judgment backer orders go into the mail on Monday, I will open up my web store for physical orders of Hall of Judgment. This includes retail orders as well, so if you have a favorite local gaming store, please have them contact me and we can work out a proper retail discount. If you have friends who would like a copy, you’ll be able to send them my way for direct sales too.

And as I mentioned in my blog post: sales velocity is important. Steve Jackson Games is watching the post-Kickstarter performance this month before deciding on granting more licenses (to me, at least), so it would be awesome if we could burn through the 90-100 remaining copies in the print run and be forced to reprint.

Thanks for your Faith, Trust, and Support

Just to sign off, I want to once again thank you for joining me on this project. This Kickstarter had the highest backer count of my four projects by far, was the first to break 500 backers, and was the most successful core RPG project (Dragon Heresy raised a bit more money, but $3,000 of that was viking shields, not books).

I’ll be back with more in the future – hopefully still in 2018. But for now, my deepest gratitude for allowing me to make a game for you fine folks.

May your hearth overflow with plenty, and all your raids be profitable.

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